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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe is a garden style restaurant and it fills with beautiful flowers at every corner of the restaurant. They provide more yummylicious foods now! More choices and selection to fill up your tummy. YES! A brand new menu!

Every corner was nicely decorated.

Fizzies - RM11.90
with the selection of Soda Mango, Soda Blackcurrant, Soda Mint, Soda Peach, Soda Passion Fruit, Soda Green Apple

(from left to right)
Watermelon Blast, Longan Blast, Mango Blast - RM9.90

Flower Tea - RM12.90
with selections of Pink Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Peppermint, Mix Fruit

Hot Chocolate - RM8.90

Baked Mussels (Half Dozen) - RM32.90

Papaya Chicken Salad - RM13.90

Steam Oyster - Half Dozen - RM32.90

Soft Shell Crab with Arugula Salad - RM19.90

Grilled Steak Sandwich - RM21.90

Classic Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon - RM15.90

French Sandwich (Monte Cristo) - RM19.90

Fruit Salad

Peking Duck Pasta - RM23.90

Salmon Potato Chowder - RM15.90
slurpss.. creamy soup that you would ask for second bowl. hehe

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM18.90
Woo hoo~~ forevery.. my favorite.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon - RM29.90

Tandoori Cod Fish - RM43.90
This is worth to try. The sauce is a great match with the cod fish.

Grilled Barramundi - RM18.90
noammm noamm.. I like the smash potato.

BBQ Beef Rib - RM39.90

Chicken Teriyaki - RM18.90

Sizzling T-Bone Steak - RM39.90

Claypot Fried Loh See Fun - RM12.90

Kung Pao Chicken with Shanghai Noodle - RM15.90

Ginger Flower Fried Rice - RM15.90

Salted Egg Fried Rice - RM15.90
This dish is quite special - worth to try.

Fried Mee Siam - RM12.90

Deep Fried Onion Ring - RM7.90

Spicy Anchovies & Groundnuts - RM15.90

Famous Garden Chicken Satay - RM15.90

Garden Sorbet Selection

Orange Mango - RM11.90

Green Apple - RM11.90

Pineapple Tango - RM13.90

Coconut Galore - RM13.90

Lemon Zest - RM11.90

Garden Cafe have prepared a lot of new dishes and most of them are delicious. Currently, there are only 2 outlets (The Street @ The Curve & 1Utama). Soon, they will open more outlets. And guess what, they will open an outlets near to the place I'm staying now. YEAP! Alamanda.

Hope Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe will bring more surprise to us :)

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  1. Woah~ The food is so attractive!!!

    Btw, are u a member of blup2? hehe

  2. So many choices of foods and drinks!cool~

  3. tried their black pepper chicken chop before, not bad.

  4. satay!!!!!! >< i want many many satay sauce too!!

  5. wow.. u tried all the foods? This place is perfect for camwhoring... haha

  6. G.O.S.H!!! You should really turn your blog into a food blog! You're good at it!!! All the pics are making me hungry as always~~ Feed an oyster please :p

  7. Dear Carries,
    Yeap! I tried all the foods :)

    Dear Bev,
    NO.. I don't want to have only FOODS in my blog.. haha!!!


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