White Curry Mee @ Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights, Penang (福堡娘惹小馆)

Monday, November 15, 2010

First time I've heard of white curry mee from J. Before I go to Penang, she had sent a few blog post links to me and I've an idea what is all about this.

Restaurant Hot Bowl which famous with its white curry mee is located at Lorong Abu Siti, Penang.

Local newspaper and local tv program - Ho Chiak has interviewed the owner and you can read the news here so that you will have a clear idea about white curry mee.

It has been introduced in some magazine too.

This is the special homemade chili sauce/sambal. You couldn't miss out when you try the white curry mee.

Basically, white curry mee is a special home concoction of White Curry gravy and coconut milk, fresh prawns, squids, cockles, duck blood, tau pok, shrimps and noodles are added. You are free to add any other ingredients to double up the taste.

So, how do you eat this? If you don't like to eat spicy, you can just eat it like this without any sauce or sambal.

BUT!!! I would recommend and suggest that you should add in the famous homemade sambal - as much as you like based on your spiciness tolerance.

... and mixed it with the white gravy/soup and it become the common curry laksa we eat. The taste was really great!!! The price for a bowl of white curry mee is RM3 (small) and RM4 (big).

Beside white curry mee, they are also selling other foods such as chicken rice, vinegar pork trotter, fish head curry, spice dumplings and many more. J recommended their deboned chicken to me and it is not bad overall.

 They are also selling their sambal at RM5.20 per bottle.

Hot Bowl Nyonya Delights (福堡娘惹小馆)
Business Hour: 8am - 3pm (closed on Monday)
16-A, Lorong Abu Siti, 10400 Penang. 
604-227 3168

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  1. woah..i never been to this place before eh..go back must go liau~

  2. YT,
    I wanna have another bowl :)

    YEAP, u Penang kia, must go :p

  3. next time go penang must try this

  4. I wanna buy 10 bottles of that sambal paste!!!

  5. 梦旅飞 ,
    Remember to try it ya :)

    haha! you should buy it back to US.

  6. wow!!!love this too altot i really xlike curry...but white curry? errm....worth to try


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