Christmas @ 1 Utama ☃

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The next stop will be 1 Utama shopping center. The Christmas decoration at 1U is quite nice too. When I first step in the main hall of 1U, it gave me a feeling of HOME. Why? Let's have a look at the photos I took :)

Frech style building has been built at the center of the shopping mall.

Both side was decorated with the French style building and there is a bridge at the center that connected within the shops at both side.

Each Christmas tree was nicely decorated with different items. Some tree was decorated with colorful boxes,flowers etc.

For the big white area, this is the place where they preforming.For example, singing Christmas songs etc.

I love the season to be jolly and giving :)

Every stalls were nicely decorated too. I really amaze with their hard work and ideas. Brilliant...

Both of the building at the side is not for display only. They are selling chocolate, cards, bears and kinds of gifts.

Don't you love their decoration too?

Hope you will enjoy all the photos :)

A bear photo to end my post :)

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  1. I not yet have chance to take photo of those nice X'mas decorations at malls, hope can do that this weekend :(

  2. really pretty & nicely decorated~ got feel got feel haha~

    merry XMAS dear

  3. So nice! I love this deco the most!!!

  4. I'm going KL next weekend, I hope by then the Xmas decor still there =_= *praying hard*

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!! :)

    Dear YT, I still got another 2 or 3 more to share.. hehe

    Dear Hayley,
    I think they won't take it off so fast. :)


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