Christmas @ The Curve & e@Curve ☃

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the same day. After went to 1 Utama, then we headed to The Curve & e@Curve since it is so near. The Christmas decoration at The Curve is lovely. Continue to scroll down and you will know why.

A big Christmas outside e@Curve.

We parked our car at the e@Curve parking lot. After we came out from e@Curve, we continue our step to The Curve.

Some decoration along The Street.

A big bull outside Marche.

Another decoration outside Marche.

Cartoon graphic along the entrance to The Curve. Let's enter to this lovely mall :)

My Christmas wish is.....

Unique cartoon character.

Every stalls located at the center of the mall and it look sweet!

Lovely right? pinky pinky decoration..

Thanks to my personal photographer - bf :) I heart ♥ Christmas..

We were on the way to parking lot to get our car. When we passed by e@Curve, so I randomly took this photo although the Christmas decoration is not really nice.


2 more days to Christmas and I will celebrate with my loved one - family & bf together. Another exciting news is.... tomorrow will be company Christmas dinner at Nikko Hotel & we will have fun at Sky Bar. Wee...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!

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  1. Lovely! So dreamy....
    Hey do you know how long they'll be displaying these?

  2. Dear Hayley,
    Sorry that I really have no idea when they will remove the Christmas decoration.

  3. So beautiful like a magical kingdom!
    Those hearts are so sweet.
    I bet they can reuse them on St Valentine's Day! Ha ha...

    >I heard that Christmas deco at UK is not really happening and grand like in Malaysia. Is that true? Some has told me that Christmas deco @ M’sia is much nicer compare to the 1 in UK. let me know if I’m wrong.

    Hmm... I think they're just different.
    There's no need to compare.
    But if you like you can click on the "Christmas" Category on my blog,
    then hit "previous entries" at the bottom and see for yourself. ;)

    By the way, I'll be away from 24-28 December.
    So I'll come and visit you again after the 28th.
    May you have a great Christmas.

  4. Lot of beautiful photos to see on your blog. Thank You for Sharing!

  5. Last year I went to check out all the KL malls' xmas deco. Simply love them. But this year I don't have a chance to do so.

    But a "virtual tour" on ur blog is as good ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  6. Dear London Caller,
    Thanks so much for the info :) Merry Christmas to you too..

    Dear Creative Busy Bee,
    Thanks for visiting :)

    Dear YT,
    Hehe!!! Hope you will enjoy this "virtual tour" :D

  7. Wow, those heart-shape balloons~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u too, babe <3


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