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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Before we go to Phuket, a lot of friends recommended Phuket FantaSea to me. The ticket is not cheap, it cost 1900 baht (around RM200) per person including buffet dinner and show.

Our driver came to pick us at 7pm and reached Phuket FantaSea after 30-45 minutes. Here are some photos I took at entrance while waiting for the ticket from the tour guide.

Ticket counter

Map of the whole Phuket FantaSea. It is not really big actually.

It was around 8pm when we arrived. So, our tour guide recommended us to have dinner first.

The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant - the place we had our dinner.

The restaurant is huge and the whole building is awesome and magnificent with the golden exterior & interior design.

The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant is Asia’s biggest restaurant. It was inspired by 7 half-bird half-angels called the Kinnarees, whose story is depicted in the “Fantasy of a Kingdom” show. Guests from all over the world are invited to a Royal feast prepared and served by these mystical creatures, set against a background of the legendary Himmaphan Forest, where the Kinnarees are known to reside.

The Golden Kinnaree covers an area of over 5,220 m2 (approximately 1.3 acres) and has the capacity to accommodate over 4,000 seated guests or 10,000 standing guests.

Stalls with selected foods.

 Kinds of salad.

Most of the foods were spicy and there are quite many types of foods served. 

Like the sushi! Actually, it taste normal and nothing special compare to the one we have in Sushi King. I like it just simply because I love to eat sushi :)

Beef meehon is nice.! My friends had second bowl.

Us. Without me :(

After dinner, we start our journey in this FantaSea.

Love my flora maxi dress? I love it max!!

This section is so nice and I just can't stop to take more photo :)

Move forward to another section.

This section was kinda packed with people. What is so special there?

woof~! Huge white tiger. The size of this white tiger is quite big actually. It might look smaller in photo.

Remember that out ticket is including the show?

The show starts at 9pm at Palace of the elephants.

We were not allow to bring our camera and handphone to the hall. Before we enter to the hall, we have to place the hp and camera in a locker. Therefore, I don't any photos here. Basically, the show was showing the history. The show at the beginning was kinda boring and honestly I almost fall asleep. Luckily, there were some magic and nice dancing show and it kept me awake! Overall, the performance was awesome although the story line was bit boring.

Photo taken after the show - outside of the Palace of elephants.

After the show, we walked around the FantaSea. Every shops are nicely decorated and every single details is so unique. Enjoy the picssss...

Overall, visitation to Phuket FantaSea was nice especially with a bunch of funny friends. Ermm... actually it is consider a bit pricey to me. Anyway, since I came to Phuket, then take a chance to go. No more second time. If you like this place and would like to pay a visit, I would recommend to book this tour with the travel agency. The price is actually the same but travel agency won't charge for transportation fee.

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  1. I ♥ Phuket Fantasea bcos everything is nice and magical jus made me feel like I am in a Wonderland :)

  2. ♥ ur maxi...gonna grab one for myself :)

  3. I really amazed by the animals appeared in the show & the dining halls for the buffet is really huge hor....

  4. Sawadeekap!

    Nice place to release stress here. :D

  5. Ic ,phucket still looks awesome although destroy by tsunami

  6. Wow... So much food!
    I wouldn't be able resist all of them.

    I have been to quite a lot of places.
    Thailand is still my favourite country.
    It's not a rich country but the people there are extremely friendly.
    There's why I like it so much.

  7. Hi Yvonne, mind to share me the place you went to massage?Wanna make booking!!


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