Alan ♥ uLi's Wedding Dinner @ Grand Palace Restaurant (皇宫海鲜酒家) , Pavilion

Monday, January 03, 2011

If I'm not mistaken, I knew uLi for less than 2 years through blogging world. Blogging world is ROCKS!!! I have knew a lot of awesome and nice friends here - uLi is one of them. I still remember our first meet up was at MOVIDA Kitchen Bar Club Lounge for food review session. 

Before I meet her, I knew that she's getting married in December 2010. I was invited to attend her wedding dinner in Grand Palace Restaurant which located at 6th floor of Pavilion, KL.

Table setting for the bride, groom and the family members.

A simple yet elegant wedding cake designed & made by Sunny from Big Boys Oven.

A pair of colourful chopsticks for every guest.

This is the pretty bride - uLi.

NO 18 - our table.

A piece of small Beryl's chocolate inside the red box.

I reached there at 7.30pm. While waiting for the arrival of other guests before the dinner start, definitely we will take photos with fellow friends a.k.a bloggers. YEAP! All of us who attend the dinner is blogger and we knew each other through blogging world :)

Sunny from Big Boys Oven

Vialentino aka Johnson

Dinner starts at around 9pm. The newly married couple walking cheerfully to the hall.

Palace Five Season Combination

Double boiled shark's fin soup with village chicken

I would say that this one of the best shark's fin soup I have ever had in a wedding dinner.

Crispy garoupa with sweet & sour sauce

Roasted whole suckling pig

I didn't try any of this dishes in wedding dinner because it is so fattening with those oily fried pig's skin. But that night, I decided to give it a try for no reason. Surprisingly, the pig's skin was so crispy. I only had one because I still couldn't really accept it. 

After few dishes being served, uLi had changed to her designer wedding gown and walked into the hall again. Her designer wedding gown is so colourful.

Baked fresh prawn with pepper & salt

Braised vegetable with beancurd skin & mushroom

Hong Kong glutinous rice

Dessert of the day

Special fancy pastry

Overall, the foods at Grand Palace Restaurant was quite nice and they (the restaurant) didn't disappointed us. I have decided to bring my family and loved one here. They deserve good comments for the foods they served. Hope they will continue serving yummylicious foods :)

Took another photo with uLi again before I leave.

Sincerely wish Alan and uLi will have a happy marriage and always stay sweet.

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  1. Thanks dear and I'm glad you enjoy that evening ;)

  2. I want to sit beside u coz I want to eat ur portion of suckling pig ^^

  3. So pretty all the photos!

    And congrats to ur friend ULi too!


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