Blessed birthday @ Din Tai Fung(鼎泰丰), The Gardens

Thursday, January 20, 2011

17th January was my birthday. Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes and I feel so warm to received all the blessing :) I suggest to have Chinese foods when bf ask me where to celebrate my birthday. So, we were here - in Din Tai Fung. It was my second time here and I really like their appetizer (开胃小菜). Din Tai Fung is originally from Taiwan and now they already expand their business to international. Their restaurant not only available at Asia country, even at USA also available.

Since there were only both of us, we couldn't order too much. So I only ordered those I really like to taste again. The dinner was kick-start with 2 appetizer.

Golden Pumpkin with salted egg - RM3.80

This is one of my favourite. Pumpkin is a healthy food, so you don't mind to have another piece :) The softness and sweetness of the pumpkin is really irresistible. Serve it with salted egg is a great combination.

House Special Appetizer - RM3.80

bf like this a lot! After you eat this, you would like to eat more!

Xiao Long Bao (6 pcs) - RM9.80

You couldn't miss out their Xiao Long Bao here. It is a must-order when you dine in Din Tai Fung.

Cha Jiang La Mian (炸酱拉面) - RM12.80

A very simple birthday dinner but I really enjoyed it.

Thanks bf for the treat :)

Red Bean Dumplings (豆沙小笼包) - RM7.00

This is actually a free gift from Din Tai Fung because it was my birthday. If you wanna go to Din Tai Fung, don't forget to taste their appetizer ya. Highly recommended from me. :)

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  1. Woah~ I can really see the red bean filling in the picture! So thin the wraps... how was the taste? :D~

    P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to you babe *hugs*

  2. Dear Christina,
    Thanks dear!!! :) The red bean filling was good!!! taste sweet~~ and not bad too although it is red bean xiu long bao~

  3. wow, got free gift some more!!! Next time i also celebrate my birthday there :)

  4. Dear Choi Yen,
    Yalo.. yesterday was bf mum's bday. We went there also, and got free gift too - this time is yam xiao long bao~


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