♥ Calton Hill + Jimmy Chung's Bar & Chinese Buffet @ Edinburgh, Scotland ♥

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 12 in UK- 21.07.09 (Tuesday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80

It was 3rd day in Edinburgh, Scotland and we will be leaving on the next day. So, we still got 1 day to explore this beautiful city. We went to Calton Hill after breakfast.

On our way to Calton Hill.

A nicely decorated restaurant. I just simply like their decoration with the flowers hanging around.

We were here at Calton Hill. Calton Hill is a hill in central Edinburgh. The name Calton is sometimes said to derive from "cold town" however this cannot be accurate as the name predates any settlement on the hill *source from here*

Path to Calton Hill. It took around 15 - 20 minutes to reach. I feel so fresh while walking to Carton Hill because the weather was so windy and chilling... and yeap! Not tired at all!

Reached top of Calton Hill where you can see the view of Edinburgh City.

The building behind me is National Monument, you couldn't miss out this when go to Calton Hill. The National Monument in the city of Edinburgh is Scotland's memorial to those who died fighting for the United Kingdom in the Napoleonic Wars. *source from wiki*

With the help from bf, I able to climb on the National Monument. It is not easy to climb up because I didn't found any stairs.

Super windy~~

From Calton Hill, we will see Arthur's Seat which I able to climb on the first day of my arrival at Edinburgh.

There is actually nothing much to see at Carlton Hill. But still, don't miss it when you visit Edinburgh :)

A random girl we saw at Calton Hill. She's cute.

The path going down from Calton Hill.


We had chinese buffet for our lunch.

Jimmy Chung's Restaurant which located at the New Town of Edinburgh, right beside Edinburgh Waverley train station.

This is the price per pax.

We were not allowed to take any photos in the restaurant. So I curi-curi took all this food photos using my hp. Overall, their Chinese foods were not bad. But the soup.... hmm.. need more improvement. p/s: all the waiter and waitress who working there are all Chinese.


2 more post to end my Edinburgh Trip :)

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  1. Where are those Scotland gentlemen who wear the skirt ar?:P

  2. Dear uLi,
    haha!! This post dun have. The previous & previous previous previous post I dy show those photos


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