Company Annual Dinner + CNY Lou Sang @ Moon Palace (八月花酒家), The Mines

Monday, January 31, 2011

Every year, company will have annual dinner and Chinese New Year Lou Sang before CNY. This year, our dinner was held at Moon Palace Restaurant (八月花酒家), The Mines Shopping Fair. This was my second time here, the first time was attend a colleague's wedding dinner. Their foods were not bad. Let's have a look at their CNY menu set.

Moon Palace is offering 3 different CNY menu set and boss's wife decided to order the most expensive set which cost RM1188 nett. There are 10 different dishes including 2 desserts.

Yee Sang with abalone 

First time lou sang using abalone instead of salmon.

The staff (I think is manager) was so kind and he offered to take photo for us. Sadly, the photo is a bit blur.

While lou sang-ing, everyone said out all the wishes.. Gong Hei Fatt Choy, have a healthy body, business earn more money etc. 

Beside the normal lou sang ingredients, they had added some fruits too. You could see from the photo, the white slices one is pear.

Five hot and cold combination 

One of the dishes in hot and cold combination. There was piece of mushroom, onion, scallop and green capsicum in a stick. 

This was quite special too. Salty egg was "wrap" around and it taste good. I'm not sure what is inside the layer.

Shark's fin with scallop

The restaurant is not stingy with the ingredients, there were scallops, crab meat... 

.. and of cause the shark's fin.

This dishes is not included in the set menu. Our boss's wife is a vegetarian, so this is side order. Anyway, the vegetable was fresh and taste good with the crispy almonds.

Special suckling piglet with glutinous rice

This dishes was really special because there was aromatic glutinous rice at the bottom of the piglet. How special!

Braised abalone and fish maw

Baby abalone! My favourite!

Chinese mushroom, baby abalone, broccoli,  fatt cai, fish maw, cabbage flower etc...*yummyz* I ate 2 baby abalone :) 

Size of the baby abalone.

Steamed cod fish white soya sauce

It should be not bad but the sauce was too salty.

Pan fried prawns in special sauce

The prawns were really big!!!

Chinese waxed meat rice

The rice smell aromatic. All of us were so full and we decided to da pao back. We had this on the next day for our tea time.

Sweet dessert

Home made new year cake

Coconut floss with steam sticky cake or pronounce as nian gao in mandarin. It served all it is still hot and must eat it on the spot so that you could taste the yummylicious-ness of the sticky cake with the coconut floss. 

Panorama group photo using my hp - Samsung Galaxy S. Although the quality is not really good, but still nice.

Overall their foods were not bad and quite delicious. The captain had asked our opinion about the foods and we told them that some of the dishes were too salty. She thank us for the opinion and will do improvement on this matter. 

Moon Palace Restaurant Sdn Bhd
Mines Shopping Fair
Tel: 03-8942 7868

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  1. Wah so nice, got company annual dinner ;)
    Hey, wishing you A prosperous Rabbit year!

  2. Nom nom nom... the food looks good.


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