Hello 2011 ♥ Dinner @ Umai-Ya, IOI Boulevard Puchong

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Say Hello to 2011

So, how do you celebrate your New Year Eve? I'm so healthy because I slept at 11pm!!!! :) I'm too old to join the countdown session. Haha!!! Just kidding.

On the 30th December 2010, bf decided to pre-celebrate New Year 2011 with me. He brought me to our favourite Japanese restaurant - Umai-Ya which located at IOI Boulevard Puchong. Foods at Umai-Ya didn't disappointed me so far. Although their price is a bit expensive compare to other sushi outlet, but it worth of it.

A pot of Japanese Green Tea - RM2 (RM1 per person)

Edamame - RM9

Simply like the taste and it doesn't taste too salty. One of the healthier appetizer.

Kaki Tofu Fried - RM18

Deep fried bean-curd with oyster filling. First time tried it and the taste still not bad.

Tofu and oyster

(From top clockwise)
Inari Sushi - RM2.50, Tamago Sushi - RM1.50, California Maki - RM3.50, Ebi Ktasuo Sushi - RM2.50

Beef Shogayaki Set - RM28

The beef taste good and it would be better if the chef could cut the beef into smaller pieces :)

Lovely bf who didn't appear in my blog for some time.

Alright, my New Year resolution will be "keep fit" :)

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  1. Same new year resolution :) Ganbate!

  2. OMG!!! *kaki tofu friend from the plate* so tempting!!!

    Dear, "keep fit" is one of my goals in 2011 too... fighting! And Happy New Year *hugs*

  3. U started ur New Year with a food post and ur resolution is to keep fit? Hahahaha...

    Ok lar, I am just teasing you ^^

    U r pretty and cute, just make sure u r healthy even if u wan to slim down ok? Don do it extremely. And good luck~



  4. Dear Carrie & Christina,
    YES! Let's gambateh together :)

    Dear YT,
    You evil, that's why I'm gonna become evil like you too. LOL!!!! Thanks for ur lovely advise, dun worry. I will have a healthy diet :)

    Dear uLi,
    Thanks and same to you too :)

  5. Happy New Year!
    May your 2011 be another great and happy year!

    You really know how to tease us with yummy food! Ha ha..
    I wanna try the tofu.

  6. Dear London Caller,
    You come back first!!! :D hehe


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