❀ Chinese New Year decorations @ Pavilion, KL ❀

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to you again!

Today is the 9th day of CNY. Let's continue with the CNY decorations at shopping mall and this time >>> Pavilion, KL. One of my favourite place because they always have awesome decorations. 

Every corner was decorated with red lantern, red flowers etc.

Lovely background and really love the pinky flowerssss :) 

Opps.. I forgot to beat the drum. I only touched it.

Main entrance of Pavilion.

2011 Bunny Year!

Beside that, I also able to capture some window display decoration.

Hope you're still enjoying Chinese New Year so far.

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing those nice decorations! I dint get to see such 'happening' decorations at my hometown :(

  2. Rabbits everywhere!~ Hehe~ Happy "Rabbit" Year to you, dear *hugs*


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