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Monday, February 14, 2011

Our family trip is finally here. There were 9 of us and we headed to Kuching Sarawak which is at the east of Malaysia on second day of Chinese New Year. p/s: SOB! I got only a few ang pow this year. I found out that most of the Malaysian didn't travel to Sarawak before, so I have decided to write the post in more details & write it separately in different post. *I hope so.* It might helps if you thinking to travel there. 

This was my second time to Sarawak. First time was on August, last year 2010 to Miri and Mulu. p/s: paiseh.. Miri and Mulu trip still in my pending folder :p. Anyway, I decided to summarize all the foods I had during the trip at Kuching. ▶ To someone, please don't read my post if you haven't eat anything yet. You know who you are.. haha :D

First thing came in to my mind when talk about eat. What is the must-eat foods at Sarawak?
Kolo Mee!! - This is definitely a MUST.
✓ Seafoods. Erm... I'm not too sure about this and I think so.. Unfortunately, we had some bad experience and won't write it.

4pm flight by Air Asia. It took around 1 hour 40 minutes to reach Kuching from LCCT, KL. 

I don't have any nice pic on the first day, so post my sis's photo here :) We doesn't look alike at all. SOB.

Dinner Time!
Since it was second day of CNY, many restaurant still haven't run their business yet. So, we headed to Waterfront which not far from our hotel. There are many malay stalls along waterfront and we had our dinner there. Nice malay foods we had together :)

Nasi Pattaya

Zahora Fried Rice
The fried rice cooked with pepper and it was kinda spicy. Served together a piece of chicken breast meat, small squid, eggs. peanuts and cucumber. Taste great~!

Sarawak Laksa

Mee Tomato

Satay - RM10 for 10 sticks.
The price is expensive than the usual price but it taste good.

Dinner at Waterfront.

 ❧ ❧ 
Lunch on second day - Seafood at Beach Seafood Restaurant 海滨海鲜

Sarawak Midin vegetable with oyster sauce - RM28 (large)

Bamboo shells - RM48 (large)

Oyster pancake - RM15 (medium)

Cuttlefish - RM10 (small)

Sea Bass - RM55

The seafood taste normal and the best was the owner of the restaurant didn't increase the price although it was during Chinese New Year.

 ❧ ❧ 

Guess what is this?
Nope! Not satay .... is chicken butt :p RM1 per stick

❧ ❧ 

Beef mee soup - RM6

Sarawak Kolo Mee - RM2.50
It is super duper cheap!!! You couldn't get any bowl of mee by paying RM2.50 only. Taste good too!

ABC on sunny day.

This is another type of kolo mee but the taste is the same compared to the previous one.

A very simple breakfast.

All the stuffs I bought. Below are some of my favourite.

Crispy and crunchy which made from rice.

Pepper jelly - a bit spicy but nice to eat too because it is in jelly form.

My favourite drink - passion fruit. Bought it from a hypermarket.

Pepper and curry powder. The curry powder smell really aromatic.

❧ ❧ 

Last day - lunch.

I would say that their service was damn poor, foods were not really good, waiter and waitress workload was not organize etc etc..... I don't wanna write out the name of this cafe. Anyway, here are some of the photos of the cafe and foods.

The interior design is really good and beautiful, unfortunately their services is damn poor and they need to make a big improvement on the foods. Hope they will serve it better in future.

Super spicy mala (麻辣) mee.

It was ordered by my daddy. After my dad finished this spicy max mala mee, the drink still haven't serve to us. A BIG sigh~

Nowadays, I always grab the opportunity to take photos with my beloved grandma so that I won't regret in future. She's already 77 years old but her body is so strong and healthy. She can walk a lot, always eat spicy foods, cold drink but still healthy :) She really love me, I know. I love her too...

Claypot rice - too salty and the portion was really small.

Curry chicken rice.

Steam dumpling.

Fried dumpling - taste a lot better compared with other foods.

❧ ❧ 
That's all for this post. Shall continue again soon
Good night and Happy Valentines


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  1. OMG Food!!! Faints...


    Ei I want to try the kolo mee too!

    And ur granny so smiley :D Say hihi to her from me ok? Hehehe.


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