Valentine's Dinner ♥ 7atenine, Ascott KL

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I had an unforgettable valentine's dinner this year. Yes, a memorable one. Thanks to my loved ones. To be honest, I'm actually quite looking forward for our dinner.... for no reason :) Personally, I think the dinner is romantic and feel so touch although the restaurant was decided by me.

Valentine's dinner at 7atenine, Ascott KL.

Ascott Kuala Lumpur, 9 Jalan Pinang, 50450 KL
Reservations: +603 2161 7789 F: +603 2163 7789

p/s: I like their graphic drawing.
7atenine has a term for this Valentine's - Aphrodisia which means sexual desire. There were 5 course meal and a glass of wine. Each dishes has a pretty nice name - flirt, teat-a-teat, caress, kiss, skin to skin & rapture. It's just like a process in dating and flirt a girl in pub.. 

Purposely paint a sea blue colour on my nail. Love ♥ it.

On our way to 7atenine... 


My outfit on Valentine's Day.

Dinner at 7.30pm and we reached on 7.20pm.

Fresh rose petal on the table. So sweet.... 

Evian mineral water was provided for each table.

a glass of bubbly
It was actually my favourite drink - rose wine before the appetizer.

A stalk of rose given from a waitress. *lovely rose*

in love...

fole gras trio of fole gras moussee with black truffle dust in mini vol au vent, pan seared fole gras with wild berries & nuts, fole gras & crepes ravioli with truffle scented foam.

Finished the first dishes and we were waiting for the second course.

While this guy playing his hp and me? keep taking some pictures :) This photo is so nice in red, the environment was so romantic..... 

Succulent chilli mint lamb ribs with yam & pumpkin tempura

a shot of beef & fennel soup with citrus cream

There are 4 cups and 2 different cups for each of us. Served it together with the bread.

Dipped the bread in the soup and just eat it this way.
I didn't finish the soup, wanna spare some space in my stomach for the main course. hmmm... bf don't really like the taste of the soup.

After finish the soup, it is time to serve the 4th course which is the main course. I simply take some photos while waiting for the foods. This is the colourful and blink blink lighting right beside us. 

Keep playing with the rose petals.

Cheers darling...

For him - Skin to skin
grilled beef fillet on red lantern pepper mash, pickled cherry tomato, honshimiji mushrooms & au jus

There are 2 different main course - beef and chicken. Bf had grilled beef and he was really enjoy it because it was delicious. The meat was tender and juicy, luckily it is not overcook. Thumbs up to the chef.

For her - Skin to skin
Sun dried tomato crusted chicken breast on wasabi potato with creamy applesauce

Chicken breast is always my favourite. This recipe is quite special. Outer of the chicken was really crispy. At the bottom of the chicken was some salad - quite refreshing. I didn't manage to finish the wasabi potato because I don't really like the taste of wasabi. It might be a waste :(

We were actually waited for more than 20 minutes for the main course. The waitress told us that the chef was still preparing so that we could a enjoy a meal that cook with a heart. The hard work of the chef was not wasted, the meals were quite delectable.

This is the valentine's gift from bf.

Coach wristlet.

The story of this gift - We were window shopping around Garden Shopping Centre. Then I told bf that I wanna go into Coach shop to have a look. Actually I didn't intend to buy anything there, I just wanna have a look because stuff in the shop is way too expensive for me. When I was looking at those wristlet, suddenly bf told me to choose one as my valentine's gift ♥

Coffee and tea for each of us after the main course.

spiced mini coconut pancakes with vanilla gelato, chopped pistachio, mixed berry compote & roasted coconut floss

Finally, the dessert is here. I tell you what, this was really yummmmyyyyzzz...
There were 3 pieces of pancake (which I think is too much, 1 or 2 pieces is really enough). Eat the pancake with the vanilla gelato and dipped some coconut floss. BEST-nye! Bf finished it and I left one piece of pancake.

Blessed with yummy dessert :)

Waitress leave a comment form to us. Bf and I filled in and wrote comments together. They deserve some good comments. Their staffs are really nice and friendly, they always keep a smile on their face (it might because of Valentine's? Love is in the air and they could feel the happiness of every couples there too). Beside that, the foods were not bad too.

A couple shot before we leave.

I really had a great night and dinner.

I could feel the romance and happiness.

I got quite some *likes* and comments on this photo when I post on facebook. Everyone saying he is yeng.

Ok la, one last couple photo to end this sweet post.
Thanks darling bf for the romantic dinner and lovely gift. It was a memorable one.
p/s: more photos on facebook.

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  1. u r so sweet today ^-^
    having nice gift~

  2. OMG M I love your dress max! Was waiting for u to blog so I can shout this out in ur blog!

    And again... ROMANTIC max!!!

    So envy...

  3. So sweet, now me no more couple world, i have threesome , haha ^^

  4. You look sweet babe~ And your Valentine pressie is so nice!!

  5. romantic celebration of Valentine day ....

  6. Thanks girlsss for the lovely comments~~ :)

  7. Hey girl~ u were all dressed up and looking good with make-up! ^^


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