Beanstro - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Thursday, March 03, 2011

What's the different between Beanstro and The Coffee Bean? Beanstro is a casually trendy, all dining bistro that overlooks the central canal and its parade of beautifully crafted sampans.

Enhanced by the legendary beverages of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, Beanstro dishes up a wide array of fare; from delicious eggs benedict in the morning, through to fresh sandwiches, pastas and more for lunch and dinner. (source from web)

On the second day in Singapore, me and bf decided to have our breakfast at the shopping centre in Marina Bay Sands. Most of the shop still haven't start their business yet because it was still early - around 9.30am. Finally, we spotted this shop which supposedly open at 10am. Who cares, so we decided to have breakfast here.

You could choose to have your meals and drinks inside the shop or outside. The interior was nicely decorated with wooden materials and yellow lighting. It give us a warm feeling when we have a cup of drink here.

Comfortable seats were provided. We choose to sit at here to enjoy the environment and feel like you're in Vanice when having breakfast beside the pool area. :)

Bearnstro's Menu - we're looking for their breakfast set which served with coffee or tea. It is available until 11am daily. Add $2 to enjoy a cup of juice.

Settings on the wooden table.

Tea for HIM.

My favourite - Double hot chocolate with marshmallow $6.20

Breakfast set - Classic breakfast platter $18

The portion was quite big and we shared together. There are 5 items in this platter - eggs of our choice, we choose to have scramble eggs; grilled sausages; tomatoes; mushrooms and crusty bread - jam and butter was given too. Overall, both of us was quite satisfied.

I miss American style Breakfast. It would be great if they serve some bacon too :)

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  1. Looks like a lovely meal with your loved ones!
    Hope you're having a great evening!!

  2. I was supposed to eat something there... but then... haiz. Don wan talk bout it dy.

  3. -= Off topic =-

    Hey babe, how to add just that transparent white-ish line on photos using photoshop? I've been trying to figure it out for some time =.="


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