Burberry Beauty Spring/Summer Collection 2011

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Burberry Beauty is finally here in Malaysia and there is only a counter in Isetan, KLCC. Burberry beauty embodies all the unique emotional and personal qualities of their trench coat. It is a complete complement to typically British style and individuality. 

Last Saturday, it was my pleasure being invited to attend a makeover of Burberry Beauty in KLCC.

A temporary counter has been set up in front of Hermes boutique.

Another Burberry Beauty counter inside Isetan, KLCC.

Sheer Eye Shadow - RM105
Colour selection captures the ease and versatility of the collection and ranges from classic trench-coat inspired shades to smoky metals.

Sheer Foundation (Luminous Fluid Foundation - 30ml) - RM165
The texture of the foundation is smooth and comfortable. The effortless finish gives skin a gentle and natural glow. Beside that, it also contains vitamin E, hydrating formula which gives subtle skin and also UV filters.

Sheer Foundation (Luminous Compact Foundation - 8g) - RM180
It has a outstanding texture to be used fry for a sheer finish, or damp for more intense coverage. Beside that, it is comfortable all day long. It contains UV filters too.

Iconic lines of Burberry check on the packaging. *Love it* 
This is so "Burberry" feel, right?

Personally, I really like the packaging of Burberry Beauty products. It was inspired by the iconic lines of Burberry check and architectural columns. Each product is custom designed with an innovative soft magnetic closure. Furthermore, the packaging is modern with the smoky metallics material. 

"It's a beautiful object, one that you want to keep long after it's finished." - Christopher Bailey

I don't even think to use it because it is so beautiful. I'm thinking to keep it for my collections.

Lip Glow (Natural Lip Gloss - 6ml) - RM89
The light oils and spherical powders give fluidity and comfort to the lip. Beside that, it has a subtle iconic tones for a natural effect. The benefits and protection of the lip glow are hydrating and lips are naturally plumped. I have tried it and the outcome is great and it is not oily at all :)

Lip Cover (soft satin lipstick - 3.8g) - RM96
It has a balanced colour palette from nude trench tone to Burberry reds which combines with oils and light waxes which helps easy application & extreme comfort. The best part is the lip cover contains anti-ageing ceramides too.

Mascara (volumising enhancer - 4.5ml) - RM108


I guess you already have a little understanding about Burberry Beauty products. Let's see what is the spring/summer collection 2011.

Here to present to you the Burberry Beauty Spring/Summer Collection 2011.

The Spring Summer 2011 Burberry Beauty collection features 6 new shades and 3 looks.

Burberry Lip Cover - RM96

From left to right:
Delicate Rose (No. 22) | English Rose (No. 23) | Romantic Rose (No. 24)

Lip Gloss - RM89

From top to bottom:
Blush (No. 04) | Nude Beige (No. 09)

I have tried the nude beige (No. 09) and quite like it. It creates a shinning but not too oily lips.

Eye Shadow - RM140

From left to right:
Trech (No. 02) | Rosewood (No. 09) | Tea Rose (No. 11)

Light Glow blush - RM140

From left to right:
Tangerine Blush (No.06) | Earthy Blush (No.07) | Misty Blush (No.08)

These are all the Spring/Summer 2011 collection which already available in Isetan, KLCC starting from March 2011. 

As I had mentioned early, there are 3 new looks for this Spring/Summer 2011 which is natural, effortless and sun kissed. There is 3 common ground to create the above 3 looks:-
A natural colours for all skin tones to create the effortless Burberry runway look, blushes give a sculpted healthy glow and lipsticks in nude shades with a hint of colour give natural and modern look.

Next, I will share my makeover experience which done by Burberry Beauty make up artist. 
Stay Tuned ♥

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  1. heart the packing of the mascara~

  2. Dropping by wishing you Happy Woman Day,may the good lord bless woman with good health and abundant joy, always.....

  3. Wow, I wish to pay it a visit one day! Burberry is my favourite brand ^^

  4. Dear Hayley,
    Then you should pay a visit at the counter here :)


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