Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi KL

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally, we are here in Levain which located at Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, KL. They start the business at 8am and we reached there at 8.30am to avoid peak timing. Who knows, when we arrived there, we got shock because there were many customers already. 

It is not really hard to find this place but make sure you are driving to the correct path.

After reading many review about Levain, I can't wait to pay a visit and try the bread & bun here.

All kinds of freshly bake breads and buns.

Open kitchen concept.

Above are parts of the bread that selling at Levain.

Beside foods, they are also selling variety of jam. Each at RM2.30 and RM3.

The interior environment.

Exterior environment.
Since it is still early in the morning, so we decided to sit at outside.

Painting and other decorations on the wall.

Dessert and macaroons that girls couldn't resist.

Let's see what we had for our breakfast :)

French Toast - RM4.30
French toast made with plain log bread with syrup. Taste great and sweet. The portion is quite big and you could share it with your friends.

Choco Crunch - RM3.30
Chocolate bread with chocolate cover and crunchy choco cookie on top. It seems like this is one of the popular bun in Levain because most of the customers will take this bun when they visit to Levain. Honestly, there is nothing so special and it taste a bit bitter.

Maple French Toast - RM4.80
recommended* The bread is fluffy and it taste really great with the icing sugar for topping.

Layer by Layer. This is how it looks like when cut the Maple French Toast into half.

Mashed Potato Bun - RM3.60
bun with mashed potato, bacon, butter filling. Topped with cheese flavored bread crums.
*no comment and not really recommended + a bit overprice*

Chicken Pizza - RM4.80
*recommended* Although you could easily find a yummy pizza at outside, Levain is providing nice pizza too. All the colleagues also like this and claimed delicious!! Not to miss this when you visit Levain.

English Breakfast - RM9.50
Ever since I came back from UK, I always love to have English breakfast in Malaysia.

beef bacon, scrumble eggs, sausage and toast
(Breakfast 8-11am only)
The waiter will ask how would like the chef to cook the egg? Scramble eggs or fried eggs.?

Cappuccino - RM6.90

Hot Chocolate - RM7.50

You will get 10% discount when pay the bill with selected credit card. Please find out from the staff which credit card will allow you to enjoy this benefit.

Overall, Levain provides a great environment and nice foods too. I will come back again to try their pasta. Actually we wanna try their pasta that day, but the staff told us that it is still not available in the morning.

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie
No. 7 Jalan Delima, Off Jalan Imbi, (right beside Fukuya)
55100 Kuala Lumpur
03 – 2142 6611
Open: 8am to 8pm – DAILY.

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  1. Wow, the food looks nice, price is reasonable too! ;)

  2. hahaha, i wish i can visit there again....

  3. Oh u oso visit d!!! hehehhee...good ler...
    i like there! will go there again soon to try more foods =)

  4. Very relaxing place! Want to try those breads and drinks!

  5. I lost when my 1st trip there...not really like the environment because too crowded & hard to get parking >.<


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