Singapore Trip (2D1N)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Beside Kuching, I went to Singapore too during CNY. It was only a 2 days 1 night trip with bf and his family + relative. We start our journey at 4am, it was kinda tired and not enough rest but still... it was a nice trip. 

First stop - Haw Par Villa (虎豹別墅)

(Tiger Balm Gardens)
262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628

It is actually a Chinese mythological theme park which contains over 100 statues and 150 giant dioramas depicting scenes. One of the attraction that attract my attention is Ten Courts of Hell. (source from wiki)

Next stop - Marina Barrage (滨海堤坝) is a dam in Singapore built across the mouth of the bay, between Marina East and Marina South.

The water is so clear and clean here.

After that, we visit the gallery and we could know more about "how the marina barrage works" and others.

Decorations under your feet :)

After visit the gallery, we have a walk around marina barrage. There is actually a big park outside. I saw many families and friends were having fun there and they even picnic there.

Random pictures taken by me.

We could see Marina Sand Bay from here.

After lunch, we went to Santosa. Every corner were nicely decorated with beautiful flowers.

Ticket to ride Tiger Sky Tower. It is a 360 degree spinning tower where you can see the Singapore view. Actually, it is similar with the spinning tower at Malacca.

Singapore view - from Tiger Sky Tower.

Not forget to miss out Underworld water when you visit Sentosa.

This is Chambered Nautilus (有眼鹦鹉螺)

Coconut Crab (椰子蟹)

The object in yellow is not a plant, it is one kind of creatures under the sea. Very special and beautiful right?

Jelly Fish

Lollipop hanging on the tree and it seems like you're in a wonderland.

Nope, I didn't have the chance to visit Universal Studio yet.

Chinese New Year decoration.

Hotel 81 Palace - we stayed at here. As I know, Hotel 81 is the largest chains hotel in Singapore. They have more than 40 hotels. I heard that the price is quite cheap. So far, I think the room is quite clean.

Random picture that I like. I dare not to go so near to take this photo, afraid that he might wake up and scold me. Anyway, I simply like this photo :)

At Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall.

So, how about the foods in Singapore? Overall, the foods were not bad too.

Singapore style Nasi Lemak $1 with a fried fish, sweet sambal, and nuts.

The portion is bigger than our nasi lemak (RM1). If compare to Malaysia one, of cause Malaysia's nasi lemak is much more better and the rice is aroma too. Too bad, the sambal is sweet and not spicy at all.

Some hawker foods. Most of the time, we were having our meals in hawker stalls.

Chicken Rice. I don't how's the taste but bf's brother said not bad.

I like to drink herbal tea. Whenever I told the waitress/waiter that I want a cup of herbal tea, then they will told me the brand of the herbal tea. -.- All the herbal tea is in can drink and they don't boil the herbal tea by themselves.

A very nice and english style cafe at Marina Bay Sands shopping mall. Actually, we were thinking to have breakfast here. Unfortunately, they still not yet start the business yet. (It was around 9.30am that time.)

Passed by BeanStro - The Coffee Bean and we decided to have breakfast here. They start the business early although other shops in the shopping mall still not yet open.

We had a set of English breakfast. *love it*
I will post this (breakfast) in another post soon :)

End of Singapore Trip.

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  1. Its been years since I last visit Singapore!! Beautiful photos you have there ^^

  2. Coincidentally, we were supposed to have late night tea at the TGW cafe (err, the name correct ar?)!!!

    But... but... but... we walked around for too long and they closed :(

  3. Dear Hayley,
    Thanks :)

    Dear YT,
    WOW! What a coincident!~ I don't know the name of the cafe leh. hehe

  4. love the jelly fish photo :)

  5. Thanks Carrie, I like it too :)


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