Zouk Cafe Bar @ The Gardens

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zouk Cafe Bar at The Gardens will be another great place to enjoy a tea time session with friends. Beside that, they are also serving dinner. It was a sudden decision to have high tea here so I didn't do any research on this.

Simple set up.

Vietnamese Lime Soda - RM10
A very refreshing drink!

Oreo Milkshare - RM11

Nachos - RM11

...with classic Mexican salsa. Nachos is always my favourite, the most important things when serving the nachos will be the salsa sauce. Sadly, the classic Mexican salsa serving here was not tempting & delicious :(

Tiramisu - RM13
Have to finish the tiramisu before it melt. Yummy!!!

BBQ Chicken Wings - RM16


Flaming Sirloin Steak - RM48
The steak was grilled to our preference & some side dishes accompanied with black pepper sauce (or mushroom sauce). Kinda disappointed because it doesn't taste good and the steak was too tough.

Overall, their foods were still not bad but still have more space to improve. Anyway, I still enjoy this session with bf and friend. I hope Zouk Cafe will serve better foods on my next visit.

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  1. The steak is quite expensive yet doesn't taste so good? Hmmm...
    Did you feedback to them? Hope they'll improve..


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