Bangkok Shopping Trip ♥ Part 2

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 2 at Bangkok. 
After breakfast, we ride tuk tuk to ChinaTown. There is nothing much to see and shop in ChinaTown. Since I didn't go there before, so I take this chance to pay a visit. 

First tuk tuk I ride in Bangkok.

ChinaTown in Bangkok.

Everything here is for sell!
Hmmm.. I wondering who will buy all this old and useless stuff??

Street Photo.

Although there is nothing much to visit in ChinaTown, but you couldn't miss out their bird nest drink and shark fin soup. Nam Sing is one of the recommended restaurant to try the bird nest and shark fin soup. I will blog in details in the next post.

The signature post of Mc Donalds in Bangkok.

Ice Cream sundae was selling cheap at here. Normally, it will cost RM1 but in Bangkok, we got it at 7 baht which is around 70 cent.

Centre Point area.

Day dreaming guy.

We were resting and chilling at Mc D.

We planned to go to Suam Lum night bazaar but heard that it has been closed down. So we decided to go to Patpong which is one of the hot spot in Bangkok. 

When you walk into Patpong Night Bazaar area, it is quite similar to Petaling Street in KL. Every stalls are selling the same items. Try your luck to bargain if you found something that you like. 

A wise advise from me is "DON'T BUY anything at Patpong Night Bazaar". Because you can get the same things in other places like Platinum Mall, Chatucak etc with cheaper price.

♥ ♥ ♥

7-11 in Bangkok is quite different compare to the 7-11 in our country. You can get many kinds of instant foods from there. For example, curry chicken rice and more. The staff will re-heat the foods and you could enjoy it later. One of my favourite is cheesie bite sausage. Every night, we will bought it from 7-11 and finished it before sleep :)

♥ ♥ ♥

We settled our dinner at the road side food stalls. Let's have some authentic Thai foods.

Spicy Noodle - 40 baht.

Dry noodle - 40 baht.

Both noodles taste great and the price was moderate.

♥ ♥ ♥

We went back to hotel to clean up ourselve - shower after dinner. The next activity......

YAY!!! Massage!!!

We already tried body massage on the first night, so we had foot massage this time. Price at 180 baht, very cheap isn't it? For your information, we went to the same massage shop. This was the cheapest price we could get.

End of Day 2 in Bangkok.

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  1. Ooo... I want authentic Thai food also!

  2. 180baht is really cheap!
    Speaking about massage, I really need a good relaxing body massage now.. And I really like Thai massage =)

  3. In my hometown in Udon Thani, the massage is at 120Baht... ^^


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