Last day at BKK - Chatucak + Itinerary summary

Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally, 4th day in Bangkok. Our flight to KL was at night, so we still have plenty of time to walk around and SHOPPING. Me and bf ride tuk tuk to Chatucak. Please note that Chatucak is only available during weekend. Chatucak is quite big and they selling many kinds of clothes, handmade craft and more.

A glance of Chatucak.

Coconut Ice-Cream.
Recommended to try this!

Coconut ice-cream was put in a coconut shell, it also served it together coconut fresh meat and crunchy nuts. Yummy!!! It was refreshing and nice! I hope Malaysia will have coconut ice-cream too!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

To be frankly, I don't really like Chatucak. I don't know why, maybe cause of the stalls and stocks are not really organize and the weather was hot. I only spent 2 hours there, nothing much that attracted me. So I told bf that I wanna go Platinum Mall to have my final shopping in Bangkok!!!!

We went back to Platinum Mall by BTS - light railway train. It was my first and only ride of BTS in Bangkok. The price was cheaper compared to tuk tuk. Beside that, we can avoid traffic jam too.

We had arrived at "Phaya Thai" station and 15 minutes walked (100m) to reach Platinum Mall.
It was the 3rd time I went to Platinum Mall in this trip. HEHE! I really like there.. and guess what? I get many great deal and nice stuff again!!!!!

bf was waiting me at Tom Tom coffee shop when I do my final shopping alone. This is one of the attractive decoration outside the coffee shop.

Lovely decoration. Simply love it. Don't you?

♥ ♥ ♥

Finally, it is time to go to airport. Our flight was at 8.20pm, so we had our dinner in the airport.

Dinner at Mango Tree Restaurant - Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.

Bali Hai - 145 baht
Yes, I know! The name of the drink sounds rude.
It was a mixture of guava juice, fresh orange juice and soda. Surprisingly, it was a nice combination :)

Cappucino - 125 baht

Phad Thai Noodle - 170 baht

Dinner for 2 - we shared the noodles.

Both of us managed to bought some alcohol and chocolates at Duty Free shop.

♥ ♥ ♥

This is the most exciting part.
Do you wanna see how many stuffs I had bought in Bangkok?

ta... da..~~~
"90% of the stuffs I bought in bkk! Shopping is totally fun & enjoyable!!! I ♥ bkk!"

The above sentence was written in facebook - photo's caption. Everyone was getting shock when I posted this photo in facebook. Some comments says "so incredibly jealous of you right now!"; "incredibly crazy~"; ‎"*salute*"; "poison... T.T"; and even my sister commented "Sis u r insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

When my mum saw the above photo in facebook, she called me. HAHA!!! Anyway, time to confess!! NOT all the stuffs are belongs to me!! (erm.. majority is belong to me la and some belongs to bf but only less than 10% is his stuffs. lol). I was also helping friends bought some bags, some blouse and bag for my sister and mummy....

They have different kinds of pocky and I like it so much! I still have 1 more box of pocky inside my room. Can anyone buy pocky for me when you go to BKK? Please.....

p/s: J, I know you're reading this. Buy pocky for me, kay? :) Million thanksss

Ohya, I like Lay's Chip which is the blue colour packaging. I had forgotten what is the flavour.. Erm.. I think is onion cheese if not mistaken.

Flip-flop is selling cheap at BKK. The cheapest price we got was 50 baht.

High heels selling at cheap price too.! I got 2 pairs of heels - same design but different colours. I can't decide which colour to get, so I decided to buy both since it is cheap! hehe... both heels are looking great when I wear it. Ok la, I memang muka tebal. Tak malu punya. But it is really nice!

There are more than 100 kinds of belt in the mall and it was so hard to choose!!! Finally, I get those belts with the simple design. Simple is always the nicer!

Cute packaging of the nail colour + lip gloss + eye liner.

tee + blouse + shorts + jeans + scarf

NaRaYa bags + KoK Bag + vintage bags + no-brand bags

All these are my favourite earrings. RM2 per pairs and I got free gift from the shop owner too. Cute and nice design!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

I would love to share my Bangkok shopping trip with everyone there. So, here is the summary of my itinerary. It is for your reference when you plan your Bangkok trip. Please note that my trip doesn't have any sight-seeing or zoo etc because this was mainly a SHOPPING TRIP! YAY! Every girls or ladies love to SHOP!!

Day 1
Platinum Mall & Pratunum Market (it is at the same area) + massage at night. Further reading at Bangkok Shopping Trip ♥ Part 1

Day 2
Chinatown + Nam Sing Bird's Nest Shark Fin Restaurant , Patpong Night Market + Platinum mall + massage at night. Further reading at Bangkok Shopping Trip ♥ Part 2.

Day 3
MBK, Siam Paragon + around that area got many stalls selling handmade stuff and many cheap accessories (I forgot the name of the area/street. So u have to try ur luck to find it), SKY BAR @ State Tower + Route 66 Club - RCA.

Day 4
Chatucak *pls note that Chatucak only open during weekend* + Platinum Mall.

If you would like to know any information about Bangkok trip, please do not hesitate to leave a message for me. I will try my best to answer the questions :)

Shopping is really FUN!!!!! Definitely I will go to Bangkok again!

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  1. WOW at all your shopping loots!! :0

  2. It should be like this when came back from BKK, not insane at all!!! I knew it!!!

  3. I want to say again... I WANT TO GO!!! Gonna drag my hun for a shop & relax trip.

    Ei, u bought a lot!!! I saw Fifi rabbit tee! So cute. Hmm, I also want the heels and bags...

  4. I definitely buy more than you! lol!

  5. i saw naraya!!!! my biggest wish this year --> shopping crazily @ bkk!!!

    thx for sharing !

  6. Dear YT,
    You go bkk buy la! Dun forget to buy Pocky for me k, k , k?? :D

    Dear BigBoysOver,
    Are you sure Sid? Most of the stuff at bkk is more to girls/ladies one. hehe

    Dear Bell,
    You're welcome. Enjoy your trip ya!!! Shop more!!!!

  7. Ei forgot to tell u M, u can get coconut ice-cream in Penang lar! Traditional Thai style one... I love it max!

  8. HAHA!!!
    J, I don't know ma~ Ok, next time go Penang, I will go to try the coconut ice-cream~

  9. You realy very enjoy your shopping at Thailand.

  10. I am going there in Jan'2012 :) Better refer your travel itinerary, good info :) Anyway, this will be my 3rd visit to Bkk :) Would like to try out the sharkfin place and sky bar :)

  11. Dear Creative Busy Bee,
    Ya! Indeed!!! :)

    Dear uLi,
    You're welcome!!! :) Hope the sharkfin and sky bar won't disappointed you. Have fun!!!

  12. Hi Yvon,
    Any idea how much will dining cost over at Sirocco? :)

  13. Hi LW,
    For the dining, I don't know. Sorry can't help. Maybe you can browse their website or email & ask them. I think, it is not cheap to dine there.

  14. I am going there next month....again! Use your itinerary as reference this time :)


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