Nam Sing Bird's Nest Shark Fin Restaurant 南星魚翅燕窩樓 @ Bangkok

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Please mark this to your to-do list when you travel to Bangkok. We saw many bird nest and shark fin soup banner when we walked around ChinaTown. But.... which one is the best or worth to try it? Fortunately, I do some research before come to Bangkok. One of the recommended restaurant to drink bird nest is Nam Sing.

Don't "WOW" or SHOCK when I telling you that I drank the bird nest and shark fin soup in Bangkok Chinatown. It is not as expensive as we thought. At least, it is still affordable :)

Nam Sing have 2 shops combined together. When enter to the shop, all the bird nest products are display on the cabinet and it is for sell. I don't really remember anything else is for sell beside bird nest.

We didn't order other dishes beside bird nest drink and shark fin soup.

Complimentary drink!

After we placed our order, the waiter ask "any drink for us?" We says:"Nope, thanks." Suddenly, he served the drink to each of us and said it is free of charge. So sweet of him. By the way, he is a Thai Chinese. We communicated in Mandarin and get many useful info about Bangkok from him.

Shark Fin Soup (medium size) - 500 baht


... and other ingredients inside shark fin soup.

mixed it with the tauge and it is ready to drink.
Hardly to describe the taste of the shark fin soup. Go to try it yourself :)

White Bird's, The 2nd Class - 500 baht

A bowl of bird nest comes with longan, red dates and lotus seed.

I would say, this is one of the greatest bird nest I have ever had.

White Bird's nest, Special Class [steamed with coconut] - 1,000 baht

A WOW for bird nest steamed with coconut. It taste really good! Drink it while it is still warm. The coconut meat was nice to eat because it was a young coconut.

The waiter who served us and keep chatting with us. He is such a friendly guy.

Our main intention to Nam Sing restaurant was just for the bird nest and shark fin soup. They serves really good and quality bird nest & shark fin. It is worth to try!!!

Nam Sing Bird's Nest Shark Fin Restaurant 南星魚翅燕窩樓
39-47 Soi Texas, Phadung Dao Road, Yaowaraj, Bangkok, Thailand.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! So luxurious the meal!!!

    I want the coconut birdnest and the sharkfin soup!!! I don care, gonna drag my Hun Steph there next year the latest!!!

  2. Dear YT,
    Faster book flight tix!!!!

  3. thx for intro!! gonna give it a try!!! i will go there on...august!

  4. Dear Bell,
    Welcome :) Enjor ur BKK!~

  5. Hey there,
    Bangkok is a lovely city. BUT DONT EAT SHARK FIN SOUPPPP!! There is nothing luxurious about the way shark fins are cut off their body. Please have a look at these websites to understand that it's not cool and if possible, if you change your mind about shark fins, take down that post. Don't advertise this terrible practice. Soon all sharks will be gone from our oceans and we will be facing some serious imbalance in the food chain.

    Please, have a look, and a read at the following links.

    Thank you for listening!

  6. Just get to see this blog. I totally agreed with Anne. It's almost 2 years since Anne commented. COME ON, TAKE DOWN THE SHARK FINS POST!!


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