Amelie Cafe @ Armenian Street, Penang

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Amelie Cafe is a very tiny but cozy cafe. The cafe is really tiny, there are around 3 or 4 tables only. I really like the interior design and whole concept of the cafe. Everything is so authentic and unique. Let's browse through the photos and you might be impress.

Amelie Cafe.

We were here for our breakfast.
Once we landed on Penang Island, E-Ting & hubby brought us here.

Amelie Cafe is located at No 6, Armenian Street, Penang.

All the drawing on the wooden board was painted by the boss.
Simple & nice concept which I always loving it!

The little but compact kitchen.

Let's take a glance at this tiny cafe.

You will get to see many old and traditional stuffs here.

Old style oil lamp, hanger, wooden door, pots and many more!

Don't you love their concept? I DO!

Menu of the day.
Their menu will be different everyday, the foods which available will be written on the blackboard.

Handmade drinks menu. The drawings are just simply nice!


erm.. I have forgotten the name of the drink.


They serve illy coffee.

It was a kind of French style pizza which prepared by the boss's friends who are a French. The thick layer was egg and the red & green capsicum as the topping. The outer was quite crunchy. It was served while still hot and the tasted was great! YUMM!

ermm.. I don't really remember the name of this dishes. There were bacons, floor and some other ingredients in preparing this dishes. The taste was great too because I like to eat bacon :)

Here comes the dessert!!! Combination of HOT and COLD dessert. Love it!

Comments' book.

Nope, this was not drew by me. It was someone's comment and she/he was so lovely by leaving a drawing in the comments' book :)

I'm quite satisfied with the foods at Amelie Cafe. Despite the small and limited area, it was a nice place to hang out with the loved one. Unfortunately, I heard that they don't allow customers to take pictures any more. I don't know the specific reason. You could check it out.

Amelie Cafe marked another good memory in my Penang trip. *more photos on facebook*

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  1. I like the place too, brought many friends there and most ppl love the place as much as I do.

    Oh btw... the things were painted by the boss not the ladyboss. Her job is to accept money only :D

  2. Dear YT,
    Oh!!!! All this while I thought things were painted by the ladyboss. Ok Ok, Noted! I shall change it now :) Thanks J

  3. Read too many about this little cafe, hope got chance to visit it :)

  4. Dear Choi Yen,
    Yaya, if you travel to Penang then visit this cafe. I like this type of cafe :)

  5. i had been here last week, but the lady boss give me a bad impression... make our mood down... ><

  6. Dear niewei,
    Really? That's sad to know bout this. Would you mind to let me know what happen?

  7. It's a lovely place and feels authentic. I had the bacon bagel and banana and passionfruit lassi. I didn't like Edelweiss which was just up the road. Avoid it despite so-called good review. Amelie's great!

  8. Hi Anonymous,
    I went to Edelweiss too, didn't order any food there, only drinks. I purposely went there because I saw some "not-bad" reviews on website. Anyway, the interior + decorations are nice & beautiful.


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