Great DEAL: Buffet Promotion at The Mill @ Grand Millennium Hotel, KL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everyone loves buffet. Aren't you? Here is a great deal to all the buffet lovers out there. Check it out here! :) Let's preview at my blog first before you purchase the deal.

The Mill at Grand Millennium Hotel, KL.

Both the a la carte and buffet menu at The Mill is being revamped to suit the local tastes. There are over 100 dishes, ranging from fresh seafood, to salads, from Japanese to Asian and from Indian to Italian cuisine.



Fresh Oyster.

MAY is the month of Oyster.
Thus, The Mill have prepare variety of taste in oyster. Try all of 'em.

Salad & fresh seafood.



For Indian cuisine, don't forget to try the naan. (p/s: Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread. *source*) The taste was indescribable and it is taste totally different from the ordinary naan we had at mamak stall. The chef - Markhan who prepare the indian cuisine is from India. Thus the Indian foods taste authentic.

Chinese cuisine.

The pizza taste good. Thin crust and crispy!~


Blueberries cheese cake.
This is heavenly delicious and fantastic!!!! The cheese is so smooth and it melt in my mouth. *MUST TRY k?*

Mango Cake with berries and mango topping.
Taste good too!

Apple crumble.

Chocolate Cake.

Malaysian Delicacies.

Overall, I was quite satisfied and contented with the foods served by The Mill. Thanks for the hospitality.

Price of buffet lunch is at RM65++ per adult, RM32.50 per child while price for buffet dinner is at RM88++ per adult and RM44++ per child.

So, what's the great deal???!!
It is RM39.90 nett to dine in a 5 star hotel. Grab it fast. The result was unbelievable!! The coupon has been sold out 800+ within 2 hours. Click the below link to get your coupon!!

Enjoy the buffet with your loved ones!!!

p/s: Photos - credited to Jennifer from Chasing Food Dream. I was late for the review, so I grabbed it from Jen. Thanks dear :)

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  1. I cant afford to read anymore, my saliva is all over my keyboard now! LOL =P

  2. I wasn't really attracted until I see the desserts.... YUMMEH!!! I want!!!

    But hor... I need to be on diet, fat dy lar!

  3. Dear Hayley,
    HAHA!!! The desserts are really yummy!!~

    Dear Choi Yen,
    How many coupons you will buy? :P

    Dear YT,
    I believe everyone especially gals like dessert!!! Okok, diet together. :)

  4. Wow! All the foods r attracted me ...

  5. haha, i bought that coupun adi~

  6. Hi, I got 2 extra coupon on this deal. Anyone interested, pls send email:



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