♥ Phuket - Day 1 ♥

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Time to continue my Phuket trip.
Refresh back my previous post at here - Phuket ♥ Lomo Series and Phuket FantaSea.


Our flight from KL to Phuket was in the morning and it took around 1 & half hour to reach Phuket. It was lovely that our tour guide (name SKY) picked us at Phuket International Airport and the best part was he is a Chinese who came from Penang. Currently, he is working at the travel agency in Phuket since few years ago. So, throughout the trips, we speak mandarin with him and he was more than happy to introduce Phuket to us. It feels different when you meet someone who is a Malaysian too in overseas.

SOHO - it is a restaurant and we settled our breakfast at here.

Whenever you travel to Thailand, there will be many kinds of sauces/chillies on the table. It serves it together with the dishes.

7 of us who travelled to Phuket together. They are bf's friends since secondary school :)

Let's see what we had for our breakfast.

Wantan noodle soup.

Noodle with meats.

Char Siew (pork) rice.
Overall, the tasted wasn't bad and the price was moderate too.

The itinerary for day one was visit Phuket town, souvenir shop, bird nest shop and others.

This shop is selling the cheapest t-shirt in Phuket.

Gems Gallery.
We was allowed to visit the factory on how to make & produce a gem.

This ice-cream was yummy! Want a bite?

Honey shop.
All kinds of honey drink and sweet is selling here.

Next stop was at chestnut shop.
They are selling many flavours of chestnut. One of my favourite is garlic chestnut.

Good weather in the morning but raining in the evening.

Bird Nest gallery & shop.

Wat Chalong.

Wat Chalong is Phuket’s most important Buddhist temple.

It was raining when we visit Wat Chalong.

We told Sky that we wanna have authentic Thai foods for lunch. So he brought us to Kaab Gluay Restaurant. This restaurant is not far from Patong. All the foods here were delicious!!! Thanks for the intro from Sky.

TomYam soup.

Green Curry.

Fried Chicken.

Squid & vegetables.

Steam fish.

Pattaya style chicken.

After lunch, we checked in to Royal Paradise Hotel.

Highly recommended Royal Paradise Hotel to you if your budget is moderate. It is located at Patong and it takes only 10 minutes walk to Patong beach.

Welcome drink upon our arrival.

The room is clean.

Toiletry is provided.

2 bottles of mineral water was provided each day.

Condom is provided too but you have to pay 90 baht for one condom.

View from our room. That's Patong Beach :)
The weather was moody cause it was still raining.

When we went out for dinner, it was still raining heavily :(

Jungceylon is the only shopping mall in Patong.

Mc Donalds - dinner time!

Pork Burger - yummmm~~

Satisfaction look :)

Beautiful view at Jungceylon Shopping Center.

Every corner in Jungceylon.

I was bit surprise when I saw this. Public view of the facial shop.

Guys were just acting :)

A glance at Phuket night view.

Royal Paradise Hotel.
Yes, the tall building.

End of Day One.

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  1. I like your off shoulder top so much!!! Beautiful :)

    Oh ... I miss Phuket, I miss yummy Thai food... I want green curry so badly :(

  2. Very nice Phuket trip!
    Miss their Thai food! ^^

  3. Dear YT,
    Thanks J!! Go to thai restaurant at PEnang. Then u won't miss it too much. hehe

    Dear Rafael,
    Ya, enjoyed it!! :)

  4. I was stuck in between Phuket and Bali, some say Bali is nicer, but seeing your photos made me feel that Phuket is also a nice place!

  5. Dear Hayley,
    I didn't go to Bali before so I'm not sure which one is nicer. I believe both Phuket and Bali have it's own unique & both also have a beautiful beach! :D

  6. Sawadekap! Last time I went Bangkok also tried Wantan Mee & Char Siew Fan. Taste so so only de.

  7. Nice post!! so good you always go travel! i also want!
    haha the facial really special..so expose!

  8. Dear Joshua,
    You're here again, FINALLY! HAHA.. Ya, the taste of the wantan mee & char siew is so so only. That's why I said the taste wasn't bad :p

    Dear Kim,
    Thanks gal!! Anyway, I won't travel in short period. I want more holidays too!!!! :D

  9. sob....no chance for me to go Phuket within this year already :'( it's so enjoy reading this post imagine that i'll be there soon but....not now

    hey why your chatbox gone already ar?
    btw, we share the same childhood memories!!!!

  10. Dear Bell,
    Glad that you enjoy reading it~~~
    Ya, I already removed it cos many spam message and it was very annoying~

  11. We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
    Thank you for posting.

  12. Do you stil keep record of that tour guide? Well i know it's pretty along ago~ ^^


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