♥ Phuket - Day 2: Phi Phi Island ♥

Thursday, May 05, 2011


The adventure to explore Phuket Island started on day two. The first island we visited was Phi Phi Island. From my research, Phi Phi Island is one of the famous island in Phuket and the trip wasn't complete if you didn't go to Phi Phi Island. The island is really beautiful, the water is green blue color and it is so clear. Phi Phi Island was a full day tour which including snorkeling + lunch too.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Omelette - this was super nice! There were cheesie in the omelette too.. Yummm~

Porridge tasted normal but it is still my favourite.
Whenever there is porridge in the buffet, surely I will get some of it.

Fruits salad!!~ *healthy*
All the above foods were my favourite which provided by the hotel.

After breakfast, time to get on the cruise and headed to Phi Phi Island.

Waiting to depart at the port.

Light foods and drinks were provided on the cruise. It took around 1 and half hour to reach Phi Phi Island, so you could have some light snack if hungry.

There were many nice views while on the way to Phi Phi Island.

The weather was good and chilling. Unfortunately, it started raining in the evening.

Sit back and relax the chilling moment.

This ah pek very geng huh? So old already still holding a dslr and keep taking photos.

The tourist.

We haven't reach Phi Phi Island yet, but the cruise was slow down and let us to enjoy the nature. The water is so clear and beautiful in green + blue color.

Reached Phi Phi Island after 1 and half hour.

Those who want to go for snorkeling, need to stay back on the cruise. They brought us to another area for the snorkeling activity.

Here we are!!~ I'm in love with the clear water!! It was so beautiful!!!!!

bf & friends were ready.

The little boy was surrounded by many fish! Amazingly beautiful.

Enjoying snorkeling. It was so refreshing.

My friend told me that I look like a little girl/kid in this photo. And there is a photo to prove it. Wanna see it? HEHE...

*drum roll pls*
ta... da...

That's me. erm... 20 or 23 years later?
Ok la, I look cute when I'm a little girl but chubby (or in another word - fat) now. Sobbsss..

After an hour snorkeling, we landed on Phi Phi Island again.

Phi Phi Pier.

Lunch was provided which already included in the package we bought.
Ohya, there is a hotel(s) in Phi Phi Island too. So, you could choose to stay here but I would recommend to stay in Patong. Because nightlife ia Patong is more happening.

Wooot!! LUNCH!!!

Overall, the foods weren't bad. The white tom yam soup was great!

Phi Phi town.
The town is small but everything you can get from here. Bank, hotel, restaurant, tatoo shop, souvenir shop and many more.

LAYssss! The price is slightly expensive in Phuket.

A couple was taking wedding photo at Phi Phi. The photo will be very beautiful, I guess.. *The bride is quite pretty too :)*

Time to leave Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Island is truly beautiful.

Holiday was great with a bunch of friends.

erm.. Thai language Cleo magazine.

Dinner at a road side food stall.

They served delicious beef noodle and the soup was.... BEST! slurps..

It was raining that night.

The noodle was really delicious and the guys even ordered second bowl. Price of a bowl of noodle was between 40 - 50 baht. Reasonable price huh.

Flora dress. love MAX!

End of day 2

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  1. Floral dress = best for vacation!!! Woots!

    I like Phuket, it's fun and happening. Oh I need a beach vacation!!!

  2. You still look as cute as the little girl in the photo! :)
    How did you manage to dig that photo out huh?

  3. phi phi island look very nice!!!! making me feel wanna go there >.<

    many nice foods! yum yum~

    lov ur floral dress too! i think all gal love it for vacation ! hahahhaa =p

  4. Yea, Phi Phi island is a must go! So beautiful~

  5. Dear YT,
    This year I don't wanna go for beach vacation dy! Erm, maybe HK? :D

    Dear London Caller,
    Hehe.. Thanks for your complimentary. I still keeping all my photos with me - since I'm a baby girl. That is a very good memories! :)

    Dear ~珊姑娘~,
    GO GO GO!!! You just back from a beach vacation and I'm sure you want MORE! :D and the foods, tasted normal, it looking nice only. haha

    Dear Hayley,
    Yes, Beautiful beach~

  6. Hey Yvonne,

    I've read all your entries on Phuket, and everything looks so pretty and fun from your photos and descriptions! I'm currently planning a Phuket trip in August, you mention that the Phi Phi island trip is a full-day package, may I ask how did you sign up for this package, and how much did it cost?

    Looking forward to your reply :) hope you are not sun burnt from the trip!

  7. Hi Denise,
    Glad and happy that you enjoy my Phuket post + photos :) Regarding your question, YES! The Phi Phi Island is a full day trip. Erm.. It actually consider half day. It needs full day because the travel journey is long. I booked Phuket package in the travel fair. :) I didn't have any sunburn because I applied a lot sun lotion :) HOpe you enjoy your Phuket trip in August..

  8. Oh Denise, I have left out some information. We booked our Phuket trip in a travel fair. Total up, the cost was around RM550 including accommodation, Phi Phi Island, island hoping, and also a tour guide to bring us around in Phuket city.

  9. Thanks babe for your reply! Sadly, I will be settling the island-hopping myself because it's not inclusive in our Phuket package. Nevertheless, still looking forward to the trip :)

  10. You're most welcome Denise!~ Ohh!! that would be fun too in settling the island hopping by yourself and I guess that would be another kind of experience compare to mine. Overall, Phuket is a beautiful place. ENJOY ya :)

  11. aiyaya how come like that..i very scared ler later get into those weird weird special service massage centre then cham lol...

  12. Dear Bell,
    HAHA!! Sorry ar, can't help. I was too tired walking whole day, so when I enter the massage shop, I just laid back~ haha

  13. I very enjoyed reading your story and I really love all picture.
    Thanks for good story. It’s awesome and make me wanna go!!!

  14. Dear Surin Beach Phuket,
    Thanks for your complimentary :)

  15. Thanks for sharing your experience,
    this post was very helpful… Keep posting and good luck with your post!


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