Rome - the Eternal City!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 13 - 22.07.09 (Wednesday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80 & €1 = RM4

Refresh back the previous Europe trip travelogue here. At the end of the previous post, I had post a photo and gave some tips on where will be my next destination after Edinburgh, Scotland. The tips are "I'm wearing a spaghetti tee" & "GELATO". Can you guess it? 


I am so excited and can't wait to share my journey with you! If you had watched "Angels & Demons" & "When in Rome", I believe that Rome has no longer strange to you. Or the Hong Kong drama name "Triumph In The Skies - 冲上云霄" which filmed at Rome too. Everyone was fall in love in Rome after watched it. So, let's the journey begin!

We took Ryanair which is a flight that provides cheap air fare to fly within Europe. It is similar to our Air Asia - domestic flight. Our flight fare was around £70 per way.

The seat was narrow and there were only 6 seat per row. It was a 3 hours journey from Edinburgh to Rome Ciampino Airport.

Story telling time! As you know, Italian don't really speak English. It was a challenge for us. After we took our luggage, we wanted to get a cab or bus or metro (metro = LRT in KL) to go to the city of Rome. We went to the main gate and asked the guard on how to get to the city & what transportation we should take? We speak in English, he answered us in Italian language. It was really hard to communicated with him. He keep on move and shake his hand, pointed here and there. We were so blur and really don't have any idea on what was he talking! There is a Chinese proverbs saying "chicken talking to a duck! - 雞同鴨講" which means two people who cannot communicate due to a language barrier. We were totally in the situation and  helpless because nobody could speak English there. Thank God, finally there was a bus and we've got a ride. 

To go to the city center of Rome, take bus from the airport and stop at Anagnina bus station. The bus fare ticket cost only €1.20. Once arrived Anagnina bus station, take Metro and stop at Republica station which cost €2.50.

The first fountain I saw in Rome once I get out from the Metro station.

The weather was extremely HOT! It even hotter compared to Malaysia. Poor bf fall sick on the second day at Rome due to the extremely hot weather, plus he already been in a cold country (UK) for a year.

When come to foods at Rome, we will never miss out pizza, spaghetti and gelato!!! I can't wait to try 'em once I reached Rome. So, we found a restaurant after we came out from the Metro station and decided to had our lunch there.

First meal at Rome - cost total €29 .
(from left to right) Gelatin Chocolate €5.50, fried rice, spaghetti alla cabonara €7.50.

We were quite disappointed with the foods here. The gelato doesn't taste like gelato, it taste like a normal ice-cream; fried rice was cold and tasteless + portion was too small; spaghetti carbonara was a big NO NO. *SIGH!*

After the unsatisfied meal, we were looking for a cab to fetch us to the place we gonna stay - L'incanto di Roma Bed & Breakfast which located in the center of Rome. It was not easy to look for our B&B because we hardly see the building number and block. Well, we still managed to found it after few minutes. I would say that this was a great experience staying in this B&B. When we were outside the building, we need to press the bell first because the BIG wooden door was locked. We were greeted by Laura - the friendly B&B owner. She can speak English well but with the Italian slang. I was joyful when I stepped into this B&B. Let's have a tour around.

I would like to share a video first before we have a tour at the B&B. This was the lift we took to reach our B&B which located at 2nd or 3rd floor (I have forgotten the specific floor.)

It was a great experience & it was my first time!! So, I would like to record it and share with you guys.

The friendly owner - Laura brought us around and she also gave us a Rome's map. She teach us how to get a bus and how to walk around in the city. She's so lovely and kind. We really appreciate!

This is the B&B. Looking great + comfortable + homely, isn't it?

Every single corner was nicely decorated. There are 4 rooms and 2 bath rooms which is not attach with the room. YEAP! It is a sharing bath room. Overall, everything is clean and neat!

Free internet and many travel books (Rome) is available. You can get many informative information here.

Lovely & feel so homely.

Well equipped kitchen!

On the left side of the cabinet, you will see the same items on each row. That's our breakfast for the next day - each different row for each room. Breads, butter, sugar, milk, coffee, tea etc.

Cookies and cereal were provided too. Feel free to eat as many as you like.

This was our room, 3 single bed. The room was actually quite big.

Unfortunately, there was only ONE fan in the big room. -.- We almost faint because the weather at Rome was extremely hot, yet they only have one fan.

Beside that, I had also discovered many beautiful windows in this B&B.

European style window in the kitchen.

Sunflower theme window in our room.

Window at the living hall.

All the windows were so beautiful. I believe the owner had gave a lot of hard work in decorating this B&B. I would say our stay at here was great despite the small fan in our room.

The price was €75 per night. This B&B was actually recommended by my friend - Chee Wei. Thanks for the recommendation and we did have a nice stay here! If you travel to Rome, why not consider this B&B?

L'Incanto di Roma Bed & Breakfast
Via Collina 36 00187 Roma
+39 339 7401829

First gelato shop we saw after walked out from the B&B.

I want more gelato!!! You shouldn't miss out!!!!!

Spoilt with choices!

Gelato - €2.50 each.

This is truly yummy.!!! The real gelato was really niceeeeee.. *omigosh, I start missing it already*

I Caruso - IL GELATO
Via Collina 13/15
00187 - Roma
+39 06.42918674

P.zza Venezia
We were in the city center.

E.M.O look? Of cause nope! Just acting cool. The weather was too HOT (okies, I had mentioned many times), and I was sweating already.

Tourist spotted! :)

These are some random buildings and you will see it at every single corner in Rome.

We actually took bus from our B&B to the center of the city. After that, we just walked around without taking any transportation.

With my scarf on & umbrella. That is a MUST! Really beh tahan with the summer HOT weather (okies, again... -.-) Anyway, guess where we were heading?

We were here, finally!
Colosseum that everyone wish to visit....

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  1. The rate was high that time...
    Nice photos you have there!!

  2. FINALLY....

    Finally the post. Rome is nice, I will visit ONE day... just donno which day only LOL!

  3. 喜欢罗马梵蒂冈的一切建筑历史等等,只是不喜欢那里的人,不够友善,鸡同鸭讲是真的,哈哈哈,但是我们却跟我们的意大利司机成为朋友,晚上一起在酒店bar聊天,指手画脚, 哈哈哈。

    喜欢Gelato!最出名的Gelato莫过于在Fontana di Trevi的旁边那一间Gelato了 =)


  4. Dear Hayley,
    Ya, the rate was high that time but I managed to changed it at RM5.2 for £1.

    Dear YT,
    Yaloooo, FINALLY!!! Cannot wait already la, if not later will have more pending post. HAHA, you know what I mean right :p

    Dear ~珊姑娘~,
    嗯咯!那时候的我蛮瘦一下的。现在肥回了啦!*伤心* 现在又要再积极的减肥了。我很喜欢我的花花长裙,我的好朋友还要和我借去呢!我有试一间Gelato在Fontana di Trevi附近,不知是不是你讲的那间。Gelato真的好好吃哦!

  5. Hi Dear,

    Love your sharing, i just bought a ticket to Rome exit Milan this morning, will be there 5thOct-15th Oct.

    Anymore tips on Italy trips? TQ!

    1. Hi Ley dear,
      Awwww!!! Enjoy your trip!! I think that's all for the tips as I normally will just write and share everything I have. :)


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