A touch of Nyonya influence by Debbie Teoh @ Park Royal KL

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This was the most satisfaction Nyonya dinner I ever had! Every meal was so authentic and I could feel the hard work of Chef Debbie Teoh. She is true-bred Nyonya who hails from Malacca, whose father is a Baba from Malacca, whilst her mother is a Nyonya from Penang. So, there are both Southern and Nothern Nyonya styles in her recipe.

Before the dinner began, I had a chat with Debbie. She told me that the meal she prepared for us, all the ingredients were prepare by herself and most importantly, every single ingredients were fined cut by hand. It took almost 1 day to prepare all the ingredients. WOW! I can't wait to try her cook.

Chatz Brasserie at Park Royal KL.

Back to the tradition - beca, teh tarik...

Have a glance at the dishes that prepared by Chef Debbie.

Let's start with the appetizer.

Pie Tee
This is the most delicious pie tee I ever had. The ingredients in the shell was shredded carrot, jicama, fried shallots, minced prawn & crab meat.

We were given a chance to DIY our Pie Tee. The pie tee shell was so crispy and you could just eat it without adding any ingredients. Just eat it this way. It could be snack too :) yummm...

Steamed Lady Fingers
A very simple vege dishes yet healthy. 2 different kinds of sauces were prepared - sour bean sauce and a garlic soy sauce. I prefer the sour bean sauce more. This dishes reminds me of my mummy. She always prepared steamed lady fingers for us. For the sauce, we just dip with the normal soy sauce which normally found in supermarket.

Kapitan Chicken
You gonna add another bowl of rice after tastes the kapitan chicken. This dishes has brought out the taste of Nyonya - the chicken was not too spicy and the gravy was nice to mix with white rice. Highly recommended for this dishes.

Sambal Goreng
YES! This is sambal goreng. Debbie told us that sambal is not supposedly only spicy and red in color. Some kaffir lime leaves, "belimbing assam", prawns, chestnut, chillies and coconut milk to prepared this dishes. It was my first time tried the Nyonya style sambal goreng. This is so-authentic!!

Hu Pio Soup
(Fish Maw Soup with Prawn Balls)

Normally, this dishes will be prepared during Chinese New Year or wedding. The soup taste good with the great ingredients in the soup. What we had in the soup? prawns balls, fish maw, cabbage, carrots & jicama. It was our pleasure to try this soup although it was just a food tasting session :)

Steamed White Rice
Don't miss out this!! All the yummylicious dishes should pair with a bowl of white rice and I'm sure you will add another bowl :)

Sambal Kiam Hu
(Salted Fish Sambal)

Seri Muka

A traditional Nyonya kuih which have 2 layers - the top layer is the green pandan custard & the bottom layer is glutinous rich tinted with Bunga Telang.

O’Giou Jelly

Topped with shaved ice and calamansi limes. It was refreshing to have this after stuffed with authentic nyonya dishes.

Thanks so much to Debbie Teoh to dine with us.

Don't miss out if you would like to taste the authentic nyonya cuisine. There is a promotion going on from 13th May to 3rd July 2011. Debbie Teoh features her authentic Nyonya cuisine in a la carte and buffets.

Weekday - Buffet lunch (RM58++) & Buffet dinner (RM78++)
Weekend - Nyonya hi-tea (RM52++)

During Father's Day on 19th June, bring your family for a flavorful spread of Nyonya Cuisine, whilst kids get to become ‘Little Nyonyas’ and whip up some delicious dishes for their dad at the ‘Little Chefs’ Culinary Workshop with Chef Debbie Teoh. Father’s Day Brunch inclusive of cooking class for kids is priced at RM 65++ per adult and RM 32.50++ per child.

UOB, American Express and PARKROYAL Prestige cardmembers receive 20% discount off the Nyonya Cuisine promotion, as well as guests staying at PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Kuala Lumpur. 

Diners of ‘A Touch of Nyonya Influence’ will also be eligible to win a lucky draw prize of a stay in PARKROYAL Penang Resort in Penang, home to the eclectic Nyonya culture.

Chatz Brasserie 
Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur 
Jalan Sultan Ismail 
50250 Kuala Lumpur. 

Tel: 03-27828301 


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  1. Woohoo, I saw my favorite "lum kuih" and "kiam hu"!!!

  2. still drooling about the pie tee & kiam hu sambal... :)

  3. Omg! I love nyonya foods too!
    Price oso acceptable! Wil consider tis! :)

  4. Wow, I think the kuih is very yummy!! Me love! =)

  5. I want to eat lar... I love all the dishes... :(

  6. Lovely~
    Do drop me an email at thenomadGourmand @gmail.com if you're open to join me at events, etc :)

  7. omg...drooling lah >< i never had nyonya food before! bring me there please... or i shall go to malacca :)

  8. I think I need the jelly to sooth my sore throat now >.<


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