Ancient beauty of Rome + Italian Dinner

Thursday, June 02, 2011

After visited Colosseum, we were supposedly visit another 2 places which already included in our ticket. That's Palatine & Roman Forum. Unfortunately, both were already closed. So we explored part of the Rome city by walked. Surprisingly, we still able to see Palatine & Roman Forum from the other side.

Main entrance of Palatine. It was closed when we reached there.

So, actually we walked a big round in part of the Rome city. The journey wasn't rush. When we feel tired, we just get a place and rest. "That's life in Italy".

We spotted a shop which selling many kinds of desserts. Every things were looking great and yummy buy we didn't buy any because it ain't cheap.

Church at Rome.
This is just a small church and there are actually many big church at Rome.

Beside rocks, it is still rocks in Rome.

Something got my attention and it was so beautiful.

Normally I only saw it on movie and now, it was by my own eyes.

Roman Forum.
Yes! This is Roman Forum. Although the door was closed and we couldn't get to enter but God is great! I still can see Roman Forum from here! As usual, there is nothing much to see. REALLY! It was just some broken buildings that stand still after "some" war.

This was the way we walked all the way up and we could see Roman Forum from the top.

Roman Forum at a glance.

...still Roman Forum~

bf was tired & not feeling well which causing by the extremely hot weather. Poor him.

Piazza del Campidoglio.
I think many people heard about Michelangelo, right? This splendid square was conceived by him - Michelangelo. The clock was showing 7.15pm (Malaysia time is 1am, 6 hours behind.) and the sun was still bright! The sky was turning dark at around 9pm.

Statue of Marcus Aurelius.

We visited Rome with the map in our hand. It was much more easier and convenience for us. The map was provided by our friendly B&B owner - Laura.

This is the cordonata steps. We were heading back to the city center and we gonna end our trip for today with a real Italian dinner.

One of the Dioscuri.

Without wasting any time, we went for dinner before back to B&B. Our host has introduce few restaurant to you and we decided to visit. Luckily it was not hard to find this restaurant.

La Baita - name of the restaurant.

There was a stairs to walk down and enter to the restaurant.

Concrete & bricks wall, wooden furniture, pot of flowers on the table...
Personally, I think the environment was cosy although the restaurant was quite small.

Kitchen area.

In Rome, most of the restaurant will display the wine bottle in this way.

Complimentary bread & olive was served after we made the ordered and while waiting for our foods.

Guess what we had for dinner? Since it was in Rome, surely we ordered Italian foods. Yes, don't miss out the pizza and spaghetti especially spaghetti carbonara.

Pizza (Capricciosa) - €7.00
There were tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, boiled egg, artichokes & olives. The taste was really delicious and it was totally different from the pizza we normally had in pizza hut, dominos etc. *yummy*

Canestrelli Ai 4 Formaggi - €6.00
Mozzarella parmesan gorgonzola & provolone cheese. This was really delicious too! It was very cheesy because they used many kinds of cheese. The outcome was great! love it.

Rigatoni Alla Carbonara - €6.00
There were some eggs, fried bacon and parmesan cheese. If you still remember that I had the worst ever carbonara right after I arrived in Rome city, that's the reason why I ordered Cabonara spaghetti again for dinner. I wanna try the original taste of Cabonara spaghetti in Rome, Italy. Yes, I truly felt satisfied after this dinner.

We told the waiter that we were introduced by Laura from L'Incanto di Roma B&B, and they gave us some cookies after the dinner. It was aroma and crunchy.

Oh! Beside foods, we ordered a bottle of mineral water (Aqua mezzo litro) which cost €2.00.

We were really satisfied with the dinner. The bil was €27.50, it wasn't expensive with the authentic Italian foods you had in Italy.

La Baita
Via Lucania, II/A - 00187 Roma
Tel: 06 42743347

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  1. Yummmmmm~~~ I want the cabonara!!!

    Ruins in Rome are very famous, and I think it's those ruins that made the city so unique and spectacular :)

  2. Wow...... The pizza looked so delicious!

    I wish i could go there one day too!

  3. Yvon, you can still remember every details though the trip was like 2 years ago? hehe =)
    The pizza looks tempting!

  4. Dear YT,
    This is my time to says:"Glutton J!!!" :D
    That's the only thing famous in Rome I think >>> Ruins.

    Dear Carrie,
    YEs yes!! Must try the pizza there! Don't forget ya! :p *yummy*

    Dear Hayley,
    Yeah! Cos I will record everything whenever I go for a trip. Although it was 2 years ago, I will refer back the notes that I jotted down + I will recall back the moments I at Rome. It is still REAL to me, just like I just back from there :) And as a blogger, I will try to remember as much as I can so I can write a post. If not, my post will only have pictures without captions. hehe!

  5. first time drop by here and nice post. btw,have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  6. Hi Mr Lonely,
    Thanks for dropping by~~ :)

  7. You are a GREAT photographer.
    You snap all the best moment down.
    Thanks for sharing.. and nice..
    Roma.. Hm.mmmm...
    i should visit in future :)
    Take care sweetie..

  8. Dear ma.ling.shu.xuan,
    Hello dearie!! Thanks so much for the complimentary. I still in the learning process of taking good photos. Hope to produce and take more nice pictures in the future! :) You too, take care ya.


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