The Astonishing Colosseum @ Rome Italy

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hello June!!! Life still goes on, let's continue with my Rome's travelogue.

Day 13 - 22.07.09 (Wednesday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80 & €1 = RM4

I'm not sure if Rome is a place that everyone wish to visit? As I wrote in the previous post, many movies and drama were filmed at here. So everyone might have a great impression on Rome. If you ask me "Is Rome a romantic place?". I would say "nope". If you says it is romantic because of the trevi di fountain, then you should go to Rome and experience it. It is not as romantic as you watch in the movie. Anyway, I was glad that I have the chance to travel to Rome and visit those astonishing & awesome buildings.

Finally we were here in Colosseum!

The astonishing Colosseum!

Sculpture outside Colosseum.

Main entrance to Colosseum.

After the entrance, we headed to ticket counter.

Sunny & super hot weather, don't have any clouds at all!

The ticket we bought was €12 per person. The ticket included entrance to Colosseum, Palatine and Roman Forum but we only managed to visit Colosseum due to limited time.

Long queue.

Ticket counter.

After we got the ticket, we need to climbs few stairs and we were inside the Colosseum now. This is the museum area where you will able to see rocks, sculpture, read the history and many more.

I didn't really spent the time on reading the history. erm.. I found it quite boring and loooooooonng.

There are a lot headless sculpture and also head sculpture without body.

Ready to see and experience the awesomeness of Colosseum?

I am finally here - standing in this Colosseum!
We spent some quality time here and took some pictures.

If you have time, feel free to view this video which recorded by me.

Actually, there is nothing much to see inside Colosseum beside big rockssss.

Crowded with people.

This might be the only time I came to Colosseum, so I took many pictures - in short, syok sendiri pic :)

View from Colosseum.

It was hard to get a place to take picture here! Too crowded already.


Outside the Colosseum.

Police car.

There were many Bangladesh selling souvenir at Rome. Try to bargain with them and you might get something at reasonable price.

Arch of Constantine, situated between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill.

Okies, gonna end this post with a sweet picture :)

When in Rome

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  1. I wish I have chance to go :(

  2. 谢谢你让我看到竞技场的里头,因为看过竞技场的外面,我觉得我应该不会再回去这个地方,哈哈哈。

    yes!agree!罗马不是浪漫的地方,即使在Trevi Fountain,人潮多到不觉得浪漫。但是觉得是个美丽历史之地 =)

    *回之前的blog,是的,我说的Gelato就是那间,在Trevi Fountain的前面旁边一点的那间!好吃=)

    你现在是可爱的美,那个时候是女人味的美 =)

  3. When in Rome, fall in love. haha. To me, Rome is still a romantic place =)

  4. Dear Choi Yen,
    Sure you will have the chance. Let's make it come true :) Even me, I didn't think that I will have the chance to travel in Europe too. Save more :)

    Dear ~珊姑娘~,


    我不要"可爱的美"啦~现在这个时候应该是"女人味的美"。不行了,得加把劲减肥了啦~~~ *继续伤心-ing*

    Dear Hayley,
    LOL! Thanks for completed the sentence. You haven't been to Rome right? Then you should go and you will get what I mean. hehe~ Anyway, different people will have different perception about Rome *I think so*

  5. Hey, love the syok sendiri pics! Post more post more! Still think Rome is beautiful :)

  6. Dear YT,
    HAHA! Cannot post too many la! Later others will vomit.

  7. Hehehe, I think is nice mah... I think Rome is really really beautiful. And of cos my dear M too!

  8. hehe.. thanks so much la! so mulut-manis, next time treat you some sweets, k? :p


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