Monday, June 27, 2011

Normally, what would you have for breakfast? During weekday which is my working day too, I will have some healthy foods for breakfast such as cereal with milk, milo with oat, 3in1 Nestum cereal. Sometimes I will have nasi lemak too - typical Malaysian breakfast :)

..and sometimes..... I will crave for English breakfast! Yesterday morning, me & bf went to Old Town White Coffee shop for western breakfast. It has been a while since I visit Old Town because I heard the foods at Old Town is not really clean and I refuse to visit them again. The last visit was last year, and I came back again for the breakfast set.

They offer variety of breakfast set at a very reasonable price on every Monday to Sunday. All breakfast set come with a cup of drink. Beside that, you could also order additional add-ons at a lower price.

I go for this! RM7.90 for a set of English breakfast and a cup of drink.

My cup of chocolate drink & bf had white coffee.

Baked beans, egg, sausage, cucumber, ham & toast.

Satisfaction breakfast!!!
What do you have this morning? Or every morning?

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  1. I usually skip breakfast but I drink a hell lot of water in the morning (ok, I know it doesn't help lar!)... but sometimes I go for cereal or some yogurt drink/ milk.

  2. I got to take breakfast everday, its the most important meal of a day!
    Usually will just go something lighter, like bread/biscuits...

  3. usually i having my weekend brekafast at kopitiam...but not old town kopitiam, haha. wantan mee lar, curry mee, hokkein mee or bak kut teh~ omg! all is our favourite breakfast, hahaha.

    weekday i arrive office at 7am! so early isit, haha. so normally i will having milo or nescafe + biscuit =)
    if my mom in law cook the breakfast tat day v will having at home.

  4. Dear YT,
    I know you're skinny la! But don't skip breakfast o, not so good for health :) HEHE~

    Dear Hayley,
    Sometimes I will eat bread too but I think is quite fattening, so I will take cereal most of the time.

    Dear ~珊姑娘~,
    WOW!!! You were so happy when written this comment. LOL!! So sweet leh, you have mum in law to prepare breakfast for you :)


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