Canoodling @ Bangsar Village 2

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canoodling is a very casual noodle house that serving wide range of noodles. I had do some research before came to this place. Canoodling is one of the restaurant under The BIG Group. Plan B, Ben, Ricetaurant & many more are under the same group.

Personally, I like their unique interior design but the foods were normal.

Main entrance to Canoodling. The design is quite attracting, wooden style interior with all the kitchen equipments is welcoming you once you step into the restaurant.

Beside kitchen equipment as one of their decoration, there are many lamp hanging on the ceiling. This is one of the uniqueness in this restaurant.

Black board on the wall.

The other side of the restaurant.

Menu & settings on the table. Everything is so yellowish.

The waitress also gave us another menu - Ricetaurant which located next to Canoodling. You can make the order here and they will serve it to you too. So we don't need to dine in the other restaurant.

3 Layer Ice Tea - RM6.90

Beef Noodle - RM13.90

Beef noodle comes with a small bowl of chilli sweet sauce. Erm.. weird kan?

Tempura Kangkong - RM4.90
serves with a sauce.

We kick start the dinner with this appetizer. It was not bad and crispy.

Curry meehon - RM12.90

I was surprise that they serves drumstick in this curry meehon.

Environment is great but foods weren't impress.

2F-29, Second Floor, Bangsar Village II
No. 1 Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2287 1566
Opening Hours: 11:00am- 10:00pm daily

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  1. Oh me love the environment. Sometimes I chose to eat at restaurants that serve really mediocre food (provided that it isn't sucky) becos of the environment.

    Nice environment gives you the appetite :)

  2. Agree with YT, and I like the design too!

  3. Dear YT,
    J, actually I read some bad review about their foods here. But still I came to try it cos I also read some good review. Furthermore, the interior design is attracting me!!! :D Anyway, no regrets. Hope they will improve the foods :)

    Dear Hayley,
    I think more of the people will have the same thought huh? :)

  4. I came here b4, formerly know as "It's a noodle bar" , food really so so only ;P

  5. hmm有时我跟YT的想法一样,我觉得一间餐厅的环境气氛可以影响食欲,至少这间食物不吸引我,但是还是觉得有机会的话,会光临,喜欢它家的环境=)

  6. Very special interior desgin in this cafe, the food are also attractive!

  7. Dear Choi Yen,
    Yes, "so-so" only~

    Dear ~珊姑娘~,

    Dear Rafael Lam,
    Foods were as good as I thought :( But interior is really special.

  8. 很喜欢他的室内设计和摆设~


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