Casual Sunday Outfit

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I personally think that my lovely sista is a fashionable person and she could just nicely mix & match her clothes. She's not really petite nor tall but she's really skinny! Every clothes she wear will just nicely show on her.

We had our lunch with family at MS Garden Hotel for dim sum when we went back to Kuantan on last weekend. I suggested to take a series of her fashionable look at the pool side. It was her first attempt to do such posing and I also gave some posing suggestion as I always visit Chictopia website and some other UK & US fashion blogger's blog.

Outfit of the day - simple, comfortable yet fashionable.

Pinky blouse.

There is a big bow on her shorts, so that it wasn't just a plain blue shorts. It was really beautiful & nice.

Wedges heels.

BIG bow.

Her favourite baby-G watch.

Ruby diamond necklace.

Match the outfit with a white colour bag. *me like the bag so much!*

That's just a perfect casual outfit on Sunday afternoon.
p/s: All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S + pudding camera.

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  1. Nice attempt!

    I envy skinny people, they rock almost everything!!!

  2. Dear YT,
    Yes, me and sista plan to have the next outing again (in KL)! :D


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