Kin No Mizu Japanese Dining 金の水日本料理 @ The Intermark, KL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kin No Mizu (金の水日本料理) which located at The Intermark, KL is a restaurant that serves great Japanese foods. This is the third branch after Bangsar Village and TTDI.

If you are a Japanese food lovers, don't miss out the deal which offer by HAHAH!! By paying RM46.50 (normal price RM99), you will be able to enjoy a 1 appetizer & 2 main course. Each comes with 2 miso soup + 2 green tea + 2 rice. Beside that, you might have the chance to taste the yummylicious green tea or sesame ice-cream.

YES! This deal is for 2 person.

The blueish interior.

The settings & seating area is cosy & simple. It just simply look elegant too!

Wine display in the glass cabinet.

Hot green tea was served when we arrived.

Let's see the deal offer by HAHAH.
For appetizer, there are 2 choices - Tofu salad or Sukiyaki Croquette.

Appetizer: Tofu salad - RM 18
tofu salad which comes with 3 kinds of sauces - wafu, kimuchi & plum.

There are tofu, preservative eggs, vegetables..

3 kinds of dressing - wafu, kimuchi, plum.
We pour 3 sauces into the salad bowl & mixed it! It was a refreshing light dishes to kick start the dinner.

Appetizer: Sukiyaki Croquette - RM 12

It was a fried appetizer with all the mashed potato, pea & minced beef mixed together.

For the main course, there are 2 groups and we just choose one dishes from each group.
Group 1: Spicy Seafood hot pot with Kimuchi and glass noodle or assorted tempura
Group 2: Salmon or Chicken Teppanyaki

Group 1: Seafood Kimchi Nabe - RM 38
A big bowl of seafood kimchi nabe have prawn, scallop, salmon, leek, carrot, mushroom and glass noodle.

Group 1: Assorte Tempura - RM 36

Prawns, vegetables, sweet potato etc.

Group 2: Grilled Salmon with Terriyaki - RM25
The grilled salmon was fresh & it was not overcook. The meat was just nicely grilled by the chef!

Group 2: Chicken Teppanyaki - RM 25

Dessert is not included in this deal BUT we will get the chance to taste  2 x green tea or black sesame ice cream (worth RM16) if you're a DiGi user.

Green tea ice-cream - RM 8
Green tea ice-cream is always my favourite and it never fails to made me happy & sweet! Great combination with the red bean paste.

Sesame ice-cream - RM 8
MUST try! It really taste great too and the aromatic of sesame ice-cream is nice! I want more...

Basically, these are the deals that offer by HAHAH from 21 June 2011 – 26 June 2011.
1 x Sukiyaki Croquette or Tofu Salad
1 x Salmon or Chicken Teppanyaki
1 x Spicy Seafood hot pot with Kimuchi and glass noodle or assorted tempura
2 x rice + miso soup
2 x japanese green tea

Hahah Rewards - Assorted fruit platter (worth RM 18) 
DiGi Rewards - 2 x green tea or black sesame ice cream (worth RM16)

Deal Price - RM46.50 (normal price RM99)
Discount 53%

Thanks to the owner, we have the chance to try more dishes - the below dishes are not included in HAHAH deal.

Garlic fried rice - RM10
Thumbs up for the aromatic of the garlic rice with add on fried garlic!

Foie Gra fried rice - RM 32

Another type of soup (sorry, forgotten the name). The soups provided by Kin No Mizu is really delicious, there were many ingredients added and created the aromatic of the soup *slurps*

Japanese Style Fried Spaghetti Seafood - RM 35
Recommended to try this spaghetti. Although it is a Japanese restaurant, they are still providing a Japanese style spaghetti.

Unagi - RM 55

The dinner wasn't complete without sushi!!!

Mizu roll sushi with original recipe - RM 36

*prawn, eel, avocado with special sauce*

Salmon sushi

The salmon is not raw so it is very suitable to those who don't eat sashimi.

Beside ice-cream, they are also serving other dessert.

Tapioca with sweet red bean & coconut milk - RM 15

The different between above 2 photos were the mua chi - red & green colour. The combination is great & it taste refreshing.

Kin No Mizu is a restaurant that serves authentic Japanese foods that never fail to disappoint me. From appetizer, main course to dessert, every single meals were hearty prepared by the chef. Good ambient & good foods, I will come back for more!

more photo on facebook.

Kin No Mizu - Japanese Dining
The Intermark
Lot 211, Level 2, The Intermark, 182 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2166 2888

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  1. Give me the unagi please.....

  2. I'm a big fan of japanese food! =)
    Too bad hubby is not, usually it depends on his mood to accompany to Sushi King. LOL.

  3. Wow.. Must buy this deal.. Look tempting

  4. Looks like a nice luxurious dining place but the price is totally acceptable :D

    I am a Jap food lover and has constant cravings for them :D

  5. 为什么你常常可以去吃好料的!很赞呢!!这里气氛很浪漫呢!不错不错!
    我爱日本餐 ^_^

  6. Dear Choi Yen,
    The unagi is nice!

    Dear Hayley,
    If you come to KL, maybe can try it here.

    Dear Nikel,
    YEAP! the deal is not bad! Less than RM50 for 2 person.

    Dear YT,
    J, this place is quite luxurious. Maybe coz of the blue lighting too. The normal price will be slightly expensive, so this is a great deal! :D Too bad, you at Pg, if not, we can go together. hehe

    Dear ~珊姑娘~,
    许多人都爱吃日本餐咧!!气氛还蛮浪漫的,就如我和YT说,也许是蓝色的灯光,还有整体的气氛也有点黑暗。嘻嘻!! 浪漫hor? :)

  7. wowwwww... looks delicious!!! super good deal!!until 26th only r?? hmm.. :(

  8. very fancy... and also expensive


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