World Oyster Day @ 7atenine, KL

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This year, 7atenine celebrated first oyster gala christened "A Champagne & Oyster Soiree" in conjunction with World Oyster Day - June 22. This marvellous mollusc got a large than life treatment with a 2 hour free flow Nicolas Feuillate champagne and fresh Irish oyster feast, a pearl fashion show, live jazz performance, some oyster facts & trivia challenge.

All of us received a door gift which is a bottle of champagne year 2009. Hmmm.. How many years I should keep the year 2009 champagne so that it will be very valuable in the future? LOL! Beside that, one lucky person walked away with RM6,000 pearl necklace in a lucky draw conducted at the end of the event - compliments from Edward Kong South Sea Pearls. Of cause, I'm NOT the lucky person.

Ground floor of 7atenine.

Thanks to Esther who extend the invitation to me so that I have the chance to enjoy the unlimited oyster and free flow of champagne.

Although it was free flow, but I only had 2 glasses because I still need to drive back later.

Champagne taste good! Love it!

Fresh OYSTER!!!

Ate so much of oyster in my life!!! Let me count, 1..2..3...8..9.. I think I had at least 10!!!!! Normally I will only had 1 oyster in those buffet, but this one taste different that urged me to have moreeeeee.

It was a great night with friends and champagne!

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  1. wah.. eat so much? nothing wrong hor?

  2. Dear Nikel,
    Hahahahhaaa!!! No la! I'm still OK until today :D

  3. wah!!!吃了很多,太补了,哈哈哈。

  4. LOL at 珊姑娘's comment =P
    I'm not big fan of oyster, but don't mind to try one... kekeke ^^

  5. oyster and champange at that kind of environment.. enjoy loh~.

  6. Eh oyster cannot eat too much!!!

  7. Dear ~珊姑娘~,

    Dear Hayley,
    Me neither, not a big fan of oyster. But this one different from the buffet one.

    Dear taufulou,
    HEHE!!! Ok la, consider not bad lo.

    Dear YT,
    Eh J, really ar? I didn't know about this! OK, noted!!!

  8. Oh I love oysters! You're so lucky! ;)

    I just moved into a new place last week.
    The telephone engineer is coming to install internet connection on the 11 July 2011.
    Seems like a long time to wait…

  9. That looks awesome! Wish I could go next year :) I'm totally crazy about oysters.


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