Cheong Ho Court 郑和苑 @ Mines Wellness Hotel

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Cheong Ho Court in Mines Wellness Hotel has always been known as one of the truly outstanding restaurant serving Cantonese cuisine for over 14 years.

Sunset view from Mines Wellness Hotel.

The restaurant is particularly accentuating on serving fresh and healthy food. Moreover, the kitchen team uses their most creative flair in culinary knowledge to produce a series of mouthwatering wellness recipes using the vegetables that are freshly plucked from the hotel's organic garden.

Cheng Ho Court represents the basics of exceptional service, delightful food, and traditional ambience, which is the noble home for food enthusiasts.

A relaxed environment to enjoy the food!

Nice graphics on the seats.

Cheong Ho Court's menu.

Chinese tea is a "must" in Chinese cuisine. It also helps to digest after a heavy meal.

Double boiled baby winter melon soup with eight treasure - RM33 per person

Thumbs up for this soup!! The taste of this soup was rich in flavour, there were 8 ingredients boiled together which added the sweetness of the soup. Beside that, the winter melon meat was soft and nice to eat.

These are part of the 8 treasure which you can see on the above picture - scallops, ginko nuts, red dates, snow fungus etc.

Baked cod fish with cheese & coconut cream - RM25 per person

This was the most delicious baked cod fish I ever had!!! The taste was totally different compared to the cod fish in fish & chips. It was a perfect match with cheese + coconut cream added to the cod fish. It was a bit crunchy at the outer and the meat was just soft enough. Do you know that, this is one of famed dish at here? Now you know :)

Stir-fried kai lan with vegetarian ham & black mushroom top with shredded leaf - RM8.50 per person

A very healthy meal with some vege and chinese mushroom. I just simply like this dishes. (YES, I like to eat vege!!!)

Deep fried golden mushroom with fresh scallop, shimeji & broccoli - RM14 per person

The presentation of this dishes was good. Everything on the plate is my favourite especially the broccolli.

Stir-fried venison hakka style - RM10 per person

This dishes was quite special to me. The venison meat was quite tender and at the bottom of venison was vegetables.

Fried buttered prawn top with egg flossy - RM12 per person
Freshness of the prawn didn't fully covered by the butter and it was not too oily although cooked with the butter. I also like the egg flossy. Thumbs up!

Black pepper udon noodle with venison - RM8 per person
Simple & nice.

Chilled green tea pudding - RM8
Green tea is always my favourite, this was my first time tried thie green tea pudding.

The sweetness of the green tea pudding was just nice. Anyway, you could also add some honey to enhance the taste of the green tea pudding.

Durian pudding
It smell good! Another flavour in pudding series.

Chef Chin Hock Seng - the chef who prepared all the above luscious meal to us.

The restaurant (Cheong Ho Court 郑和苑) is led by Chef Chin and with more than 27 years of culinary experience under his belt, he has a solid foundation in Cantonese-style cooking coupled with many innovative gastronomic techniques. Cheong Ho Count's 2 famed dishes are the Piece de Resistance; baked cod fish with cheese & coconut cream and fried prawn in butter sauce topped with egg floss. Both were really delicious!!! The presentation of the food was displayed to be as humble as home-cooked food, and at the same time I feel so precious when dining there because each dishes was served in a separate plate and you could fully enjoy the foods by your own!

Thanks to Mines Wellness Hotel, we were truly enjoyed the scrumptious dinner with them.

Cheng Ho Court 郑和苑
Mines Wellness Hotel
Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Tel: 03-8943 6688

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  1. Wow, nice! I'm so hungry already la~ Better go for my lunch now....... :P

  2. Not a big fan of Chinese food but Deep fried golden mushroom with fresh scallop, shimeji & broccoli sounds good :)

  3. My favorites are the soup and Cod fish! yum...

  4. Yummy!!! I wanna try the green tea pudding, fedex please~~

    p/s: The chef looks really overjoyed ;)


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