Flavours of Shanghai @ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel

Sunday, July 03, 2011

One World Hotel with the support of The Eton Hotel Shanghai was promoted "Flavours of Shanghai"at Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant which located on the lobby level of One World Hotel, PJ.

To add authenticity to the promotion, the hostel has invited four chefs; Chef Terry Yu Ning, Chef Fanny Le Fei, Chef Lion Yu Sheng and Chef Navy Yang Tian Hai from The Eton Hotel Shanghai to showcase authentic Shanghainese dishes during the 10-day promotion. Set menus as well as ala carte dishes are served.

There were 4 set menu and we were having set menu D which cost RM300+ per table of 4. Anyway, the foods portion below was served for 10 pax.

Shanghainese cuisine is known for its rich and sweet flavours. It taste different from the dishes we normally had at Chinese restaurant.

The first dishes was  Three Shanghai Style Appetizer 上海三喜冷菜.

Deep Fried Prawn Shanghai Style

Spicy Pomfret

Preserved Bean Curd with Black Fungus

Hot & sour soup "Shanghai" style 上海酸辣汤

Sauteed shredded beef with pepper 青椒炒牛肉丝
This dishes was my favourite among others!!! The beef was really tender!! and the taste of the green pepper wasn't too strong. I guess those who don't like to eat green pepper will like to have this too.

Braised whole eel with soya sauce 红烧盘龙鳗
It doesn't look tempting but it was a good try!! The eel has too much bone and have to be extra careful when eat it.

Braised chicken with potato 土豆焖鸡块

Sauteed scallop with "bok choy" and mushroom 菌菇菜胆

Sweet scented osmanthus rice cake  桂花糕
It was a bonus dessert from the chef. Taste of the "guai fa gou" was sweet and soft.

Steamed vegetable dumpling 翡翠烧卖

Eight treasures cogee 八宝粥
There were 8 ingredients in this congee - nuts, green bean, lotus seed, barley, red bean, rice, red dates etc.


These were the four chefs who purposely came all the way from Shanghai to presents Shanghainese cuisine to Malaysian. Generally, Shanghainese foods are more to sweet flavours. It was a good opportunity to know and taste Shanghainese foods deeply.

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  1. All the food are so presentable and looks yummy!

  2. Shanghai food.. never try before..

  3. all the food is so delectable and delicious ..yummy....yummy..

  4. wao...those pic make me hungry~~

  5. The vegetable dumplings look so cute!!!


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