Pho Hoa - Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup @ The Curve

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jen suggested to eat something first before "I Love Wing Chun" special screening at eCurve and she suggested to have Vietnamese beef noodle soup at one of the Vietnamese Restaurant at The Curve - Pho Hoa. I wanna know what does PHO HOA means, so I do a quick research and found out this. 

Vietnamese dish called pho (pronounced fuh). The soup is considered soothing; a dish that brings harmony to the body. Hoa (pronounced huh-ah´) means "harmony" in Vietnamese, and thus the owners named their restaurant Pho Hoa. (source)

Cosy environment which I like it so much.
Nope, this is not the seating are of Pho Hoa Restaurant, it is opposite of Pho Hoa.

Pho Hoa - Health Conscious Choice.

A very simple exterior design of Pho Hoa.

There is a water colour painting on the wall, it is very beautiful.

Ranked among TOP 400 restaurants in America.
Pho Hoa is the largest Vietnamese restaurant chain in North America with locations in almost every city where Asians densely populate. Do you know that the first Pho Hoa restaurant opened in San Jose with a tiny kitchen and a few seats in 1983? Alright, now you know :) Just over 20 years later, Pho Hoa is the largest Vietnamese restaurant chain in North America with a customer base that extends well beyond Vietnamese diners. Wow! I didn't know that Vietnamese foods is so popular at America. 

A very simple piece of menu but it is actually hard to choose which to order.

Iced Chinese Jasmine Tea - RM3.90 (refillable)

Vietnamese drip coffee with milk & ice - RM6.50
After the coffee has finish dripped from the top, mix it with the milk and you can enjoy it.

Steak, brisket, flank, tendon, tripe pho - RM18.90 (regular) , RM20.90 (large)

This dishes is under The Adventurer's Choice category specially caters those who want the most "unusual" and yet, the tastiest of meats. Why not be advenrutous once and try what other choosy eaters have been enjoying?

Yummm.. The soup taste so good and the beef was so tender.

Veggie, grilled chicken & fried roll - RM14.90

My order which is under Vermicelli Bowls category. It comes with a bowl of soup and sambal sauce. The sambal taste really great and my friend even asked for another plate.

Pour the soup and mix everything together. The dishes was not hot, it was quite refreshing and crunchy because there were some peanuts, fresh cucumber, carrots, vegetables, taugeh. The grilled chicken taste just nice and the popiah was crispy too. Lovin' it.

Grilled chicken & fried roll - RM14.90
Nothing special for this plate of grilled chicken rice. You will just simply love it if you love to eat Vietnamese foods.

Thanks to Jen's intro and I shall come here again soon.

Pho Hoa
G34, the Curve, Mutiara Damansara, 40870 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
03-7725 9880

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  1. Nice one, should try the beef noodles d.. haha..

  2. so fast posted? hehe.. great place for warming soup on rainy days!

  3. This is one of my fav Vietnamese restaurant in town. love it!

  4. Looks nice, I never had a proper Vietnamese meal before! Must try it next time~

  5. knew of the Vietnamese cuisine since I came to Perth...Never had it when I was in Malaysia...
    Love the beef noodle soup and the special coffee!
    Will definitely go to try this out when I go back to KL.

  6. I quite like beef noodles, but usually eating Taiwanese style. Maybe u can tapau for me this ^^

  7. Dear Nikel,
    Yes, beef noodle is good! should try it! I'm sure you will like it if you like Vietnamese foods.

    Dear Food Dream,
    HAHA! Me efficient one ma~~~ :p

    Dear 棠子,
    Really? Did you actually try Vietnamese foods at UK?

    Dear Hayley,
    Isn't it? Then you should try it!~

    Dear YS,
    Hi dear, first time read your comment. Welcome :) Go and try it when you back to KL ya.

    Dear YT,
    Ah J~~~~~ you don't so lebih lo. Everytime ask me dapao for you. PK lo. How about I eat on behalf of you? wahhahahaa :D

  8. l love Vietnamese foods.....yum yum!

  9. Love your pictures. Am googling vietnamese food...and found your blog. trying to find a place to have lunch

    1. Thanks Dear Edina. :) There are many choices out there and I hope you found it and have a delicious lunch.


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