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Friday, July 08, 2011

Group Master Chef Chan Kwok being recently awarded Chef of The Year and Asian Cuisine Chef of The Year at the prestigious Asian Gastronomic Awards of Excellence 2011 will be guest chef at Zing Cantonese restaurant sharing his signature award-winning cuisines with Cantonese food lovers.

From 27 June to 23 July, Group Master Chef Chan Kwok and Master Chef Chung Lap Fai will be the Guest Chef in Zing restaurant, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur. Group Master Chef Chan Kwok has prepared a tea pairing set menu.

What is actually a tea pairing set menu? Normally, we will have wine pairing menu for fine dining. Since this is a Chinese cuisine, let's back to traditional and enjoy a tea pairing menu. This is actually quite interesting and I was glad that I was given an invitation to join the tasting session.

The interior and set up is quite impressive and beautiful. They are also providing a private dining area which snugly warm and comfortable.

Let's kick start with the first dishes.

A combination of roasted suckling piglet with prawn paste and crispy fresh crabmeat spring roll (paired with Eight Treasures Chinese Tea)

Every dishes was actually paired with a cup of Chinese tea.

Eight Treasures Chinese Tea
The mildly sweet and visually colourful eight treasures tea, helps to open up appetite and starts off the meal with sweetness signifies the sweet gourmet experience ahead.

Second dishes, it was a very healthy soup!

Double boiled 'ling zhi' and chicken (paired with Chinese Oolong Tea)

The "ling zhi" taste bitter and I guess not everyone could accept the bitterness. I couldn't accept the taste of the soup when I first tried it but it taste better when I continue to taste it & I finished everything! Personally think that this soup is very healthy because of the "ling zhi" has plenty of health benefits with one of them being anti tumor which makes it beneficial to drink.

"It took 3 and half hours to 4 hours to boil this soup" says the chef.

So, what is the best tea to was away the taste of the bitterness?

Chinese Oolong Tea
YES! The Chinese Oolong Tea!!! The mildness of Oolong tea helps washes away the bitterness in the taste of the lingzhi, allowing the taste of lingzhi to be bearable in the soup.

Grilled crystal prawn with Yunnan ham (paired with Chinese Jasmine Tea)

This crystal prawn was totally a WOW!!! The right way to enjoy this dishes is eat the prawn together with the ham. It was totally a good combination. Ham taste quite salty, with the combination of the prawn, it will create a balance taste.

Chinese Jasmine Tea
The freshness in the prawn and the mildy saltiness and sweetness in the Yunnan ham is being balanced by the fragrant Jasmine tea.

Stewed lamb shank with Chinese parsley (paired with Chinese Pu Er Tea)

NO joke. Lamb shank cooked in Chinese method. The lamb was juicy & tender.

The lamb shank, is the heaviest course in the whole menu, is settled with Pu Er tea to remove the feeling of oiliness in the dish and balances well with the soft lamb shank sauce infused spinach

Minced pork fried rice with crispy rice and preserved radish (paired with Chinese Pu Er Tea)

This is not a normal fried rice we usually had at the hawker stalls or restaurant. The rice smell so aromatic and crispy at the same time. Rice crackers and white rice were mixed together to create this awesomeness minced pork fried rice. Towards the end of the meal, the rice dish is best paired with Pu Er tea and avoided the feeling of heaviness.

Chilled mango puree with sago topped with vanilla ice cream

Awww!! My love! This is one of the best and yummylicious dessert in Zing. The taste of the chilled mango puree with sago was irresistible.

Chef Chan Kwok
The awesome chef who create all the delectable dishes.

Tea pairing set menu is priced at RM248 per person, while special a la carte menu starts from RM18 (prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax). Zing Cantonese restaurant (non-halal) is open from 12 pm to 2.30 pm for lunch and 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm for dinner.  

Zing - Level 1,
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2117 4180/4181 

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  1. Drooling at all the food, especially the fried rice~

  2. What a lovely place to dine in... and soup paired with Chinese Oolong Tea? Interesting!

  3. cHrIstInA_YY,
    YES!!! This is actually a perfect match!!! Once you try it, you will know why it is so matching :)

  4. OMG!!!!!流口水!!!


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