"Indahnya Ramadan" - Buka Puasa Buffet 2011 @ Putrajaya Marriot Hotel & Spa

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

MEXICAN food for this Ramadhan month?

YAY!! Marriot Putrajaya hotel is offering Mexican foods in Ramadhan buffet this year. The Mexican foods taste really great. Okay, I shall share more with you later. To be frank, the Ramadhan buffet at Marriot Putrajaya was one of the best one I had review this year coz they're serving Mexican foods!

The shout out for this Ramadhan is "INDAHNYA RAMADAN". There are wide variety of foods to be enjoyed and you gonna be spoilt for choices. Beside local cuisine (malay, indian and chinese), there are also western and Japanese cuisine.

The Ramadhan buka puasa at Zest Restaurant, Putrajaya Marriot Hotel & Spa is recognized to be among the most extensive spreads in the vicinity and has drawn an increasing number of patrons for corporate entertainment and family dining. 

The legacy lives on and patrons can look forward to an even wider variety of culinary highlights this year at affordable pricing touted as value-for-money.

It's the extra sensory dining pleasure that makes each dining experience unique. And that's exactly what the Zest experience is all about. As we dine and tuck into the wide selection available, live traditional musicians are set to serenade you. Beside that, suraus are available for Muslim guests.

Cosy environment in Zest where you will just enjoy your foods with your loved ones.

Let's kick start with some local foods first.

Kambing kari mamak (lamb - curry)

Ikan keli masak lemak cili padi (fish)

Chinese cuisine
There are not much choices for this section. (fish fumpling, steamed chicken dumpling, stir fried vineson with black pepper, deep fried scallop roll, prawn dumpling)

Noodles station

and wide selections of extra ingredients to add to your bowl of noodles.

more than 5 different types of sauces. As you know, Malaysian couldn't live without some chillies or spicy sauces.

Pasta station which is my favourite!

I choose cabonara spaghetti (my all-time favourite which I couldn't miss out and this is one of the best among other hotels during this ramadhan month)

Kasmir Beryani
It taste really good especially some meatball serving together.

Salad bar

Choice of kerabu and salad.


Fresh prawns and oyster

Sushi station

assorted of cheeeseeeeee and crackers.

This is the MEXICAN foods station!!!! We gonna be spoilt for choice and the Mexican foods taste really delectable and yummmyyyy!!!! Since I love it so much, I will name most of the dishes. (I have forgotten part of the dishes's name -.-)

Mexica Pranwn Rice
The rice smell aromatic and it was so flavourful. Some raisins were added which add some sweetness to the rice. Definitely a good try!

Sauteed asparagus with almond flaks

Potato lagsane with sour cream

Sweet potato layonaise

Margarita chicken with melon salsa

Spicy beef meat balls
You gonna love this if you like beef :)

3 different types of tortilla chips. My favourite too! Told you already, this is my favourite station.

6 types of salsa to eat with the above tortilla chips.
I had the spicy tortilla chips and served with my favourite salsa which is at the bottom right on the above photo. Aiya.. forgot the name again. It actually taste like a tuna salsa. It was quite special compare to the other 5 salsa.

My favourite too from the Mexican station.

Enough for heavy foods and let's see what had Marriot Putrajaya prepare for desserts!

Varieties of local fruits

Papaya, watermelon, orange, dragon fruits, rambutan, mangosteen and many more.

Cakes and tarts

Fruits salad

Tiramisu and pandan layer cake

Blueberry chesse cake

Strawberry sponge cake

Ice-cream station

Local kuih muih

I am too full for these, anyway I believe the kuih-muih will be taste as good as other dishes too.

p/s: not to forget to try their lamb, it was really juicy + tender and taste better when some black pepper sauce was added.

Ramadhan Buka Puasa Buffet
RM92++ per adult
RM55++ per child

buka puasa buffet is available from 1st - 26th August 2011 @ Zest Restaurant.

For reservation, please call 03-8949 8888 ext 1330 or 1294

Zest Restaurant
Putrajaya Marriot Hotel & Spa
IOI Resort City · Sepang Utara, 62502 Malaysia

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  1. 我喜欢这餐厅的气氛环境 =)

  2. I love to see the spread at buffet, the Mexican station looks impressive!

    But nowadays I stop eating buffet, cause I can't help but to wallop everything that attracted me and that is NOT GOOD! Need to keep slim hahaha.

  3. They have Chinese and Japanese cuisine to complete the menu! Not bad eh..... =)

  4. I want all those salsa & chips!! :D

  5. Do they have choc fountain?? =)

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    Sorry that I can't really remember. Anyway, their foods were good. :)

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