Serikin market @ Sarawak - Kalimantan border

Friday, August 19, 2011

Serikin is a small Dayak Bidayuh village in Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. The town is located about 15km from Bau town and 80km from Kuching city. We were here at Serikin market which located in between Sarawak - Kalimantan border on Sunday. This market is only open on weekend (if not mistaken). So what is all about Serikin Market?

At Serikin Market, we can get super duper cheap stuff! From vintage to branded (fake) one. Batik, rattan mat (tikar), curtains, handicrafts, foods such as keropok, dried prawn, vintage furniture and many more is available in this market.

This is actually a place for the people from Borneo - Brunei, Kalimantan and Sarawak gather together to sell all their products here. Bargain the price with them and normally we can get it RM15-20 lower than the price they offer.

One of the section that I love the most. Not because of the fake branded bag. Beside those "branded" bag, they are also selling no-brand bag which I managed to get one. Scroll down and you will see my purchase.

This was the bag I bought at RM20+ after bargained. The condition and quality is pretty good! *loveitmax*

This was also one of the section that I enjoyed going around and take a look. Although I didn't buy anything here (cos is quite expensive), I still enjoyed looking at all the vintage and old-time stuffs. The above pic is all the old-time ion, it is really heavy and the sales person told us that this ion is still usable. COOL isn't it?

Antique wall clock! My grandparents own a brown colour one too.

Don't you like all of 'em?

Both of this is my favourite!!! I was attracted by the Nikon camera, it is still functioning and I wanted to get it too. Unfortunately, the price was out of my budget.

erm.. heard from my dad's friend saying this packet of cappucino is niceeeeee. So I bought some and is true! The Cappuccino smell good and the texture is smooth. The price was really cheap but I have forgotten the price. If not mistaken, it was selling at RM0.50 or RM1 per packet. cheap kan?

Random shot by sista when we were having our lunch.

After lunch, our tour guide brought us to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre where we have the chance to see orang utan.

"It is depends on your luck if you got the chance to see the orang utan" says the tour guide. This is because the orang utan here is freely to hop from one place to another place.

Next, we went to pottery factory. The range of Sarawak's potters have improved vastly as they create ceramic stools, drinking water cisterns, decorative jars and vases, lamps, candle holders, ashtrays, teapots, mugs and even photo frames. Beside that, attractive souvenir items are also produced here.

Yong Huat Heng Brick & Earthen Ware Factory,
5th Mile Penrissen Rd, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: 082-459282

One of the example made by the staff, it seems easy to make one but actually not. Below are some ready made and pottery for sell.

Every item was nicely made and produced.

Some random pic I snapped from the place B&B we stayed.

Fireworks to welcome us to Kuching. hehe
Till then...

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  1. Eh me likey the bag! Very worth it for RM20+

  2. the bag with the price is reli worth!!!!!!!!!! i like it!!!!!

  3. The bag is so worthily beautiful!! Lucky you~

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