Shuang Wei Mooncakes @ West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Thursday, September 01, 2011

One of the Chinese's biggest celebration is Mid Autumn Festival. It only 2 weeks to go before the festival and I already have few pieces of mooncakes. Mid Autumn Festival is also known as Mooncake Festival where it is the time when adults reflects so fondly to those nostalgic memories of comparing each other's colourful paper lanterns.

This year, West Lake Garden is delight to keep with traditions, hence the story of their exquisite Shuang Wei mooncakes, reviving the tradition of sending secret messages.

Cosy and grand dining environment at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Not to forget Chinese Tea.

This time, we were glad to be invited to attend the mooncake review session. Beside the chance to taste 8 different kinds of mooncake, we were also given a chance to make a snow skin mooncake. Before the mooncake making and tasting session begin. we were invited to enjoy a simple dinner served by the restaurant.

Braised Scallop with Crab Meat in Sweet Corn Broth Drizzled with Truffle Oil
The soup was quite flavorful and I like the taste of sweet corn added to the soup.

Crispy Ginger Steamed Cod Fish
The meat was smooth and the crispy ginger did add a star for this dishes.

Crispy Noodle with Tiger Prawns
Noodle was crispy and taste slightly salty. Anyway, it still taste good by soaking the noodle with the gravy. yumm..

After our meal, chef is ready to demo on how to make a snow skin mooncake.

The ingredients to make a snow skin mooncake - green tea.

The process look simple and easy.

Available from 12 July to 12 September 2011, Chinese Master Chef Chan and his culinary team are pleased to introduce an exciting series of Shuang Wei Mooncakes. 

There are 2 types of mooncakes - Golden Baked Mooncakes (6 different flavors) and Snow Skin Mooncakes (4 flavors). 

Golden Baked Mooncakes:
- Assorted Organic Nuts
- Low sugar white lotus paste
- Low sugar jade custard paste
- Low sugar red bean paste 
- Low sugar white lotus paste with salted dried shrimp
- Low sugar white lotus with black sesame and custard paste

Snow Skin Mooncakes:
- Chocolate whisky paste
- Green tea snow skin with royal milk tea and mocha paste
- Low sugar sesame with pistachio paste
- Low sugar white lotus and red date paste

Snow skin low sugar white lotus paste with red date paste

The original filling of white lotus seed is tasty, dense and sweet, pairing well with the subtle sweet aroma of red dates; leaving a lingering sweet sensation on our palate.

Snow skin green tea with royal milk tea and mocha paste

It strikes a perfect balance between the clean and fragrant taste of green tea as well as milk tea, with a hint of mocha flavor.

Low Sugar White Lotus with Black Sesame and Custard Paste

The mooncake is a fine concoction of unique tastes, accentuated by the fragrance of black sesame that graciously complements the pleasantness of lotus seed and silky smooth custard.

Low Sugar Sesame with Pistachio Paste

This mooncake contain alcohol. A snow skin layer encloses the thick, tar-black puree of pure roasted blacks sesame; adding a nutty and delicate zing to the rich, superior taste of pistachio.

Golden Baked Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Salted Dried Shrimp

I would highly recommended this mooncake.!! You might think "salted dried shrimps" in the mooncake???  Believe me, it doesn't taste weird. You will get addicted with it. This is one of my favorite among others.

The variety is literally in a class of its own. Certain to be a winner among those who enjoy a spicy kick, the sweetness and smooth texture of the lotus seed paste is cleverly partnered with that of the dried shrimp's distinct taste which is subtly pungent.

Chocolate Whisky Paste (contains alcohol) will bedazzle modern tastebuds. The velvety texture of the exterior encircles the sweet caramel notes of the chocolate-whisky combination, to make it truly devouring.

Golden Baked Assorted Organic Nuts is a must-try for those who like to eat nuts. 

Low Sugar Jade Custard Paste
This is my all time favorite mooncake! Nothing special to shout yet, I just simply like it :)

All the mooncakes are priced between RM21+ to RM23+ per standard price. The Shuang Wei mooncakes made with less sugar, free of artificial colouring and preservatives, are available to take away from 11am to 9.30pm daily at West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant from 12th July to 12th September 2011.

Shuang Wei mooncakes are presented in an elegantly designed gift box that is not only sturdy, but serves as an elegant collectible that is also perfect for bearing gifts and notes, or placing keepsakes and precious ornaments.

To place mooncake orders, please call West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant at +603-7495 1421 or visit

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