"I Love Hong Kong" @ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From 1-31 October 2011, One World Hotel is having a promotion name "I Love Hong Kong". Obviously, the name has speak out the type of cuisine that offer. Chinese cuisine is always everyone's favorite, so do I. Zuan Yuen Chinese Restaurant has come out with few dishes for the "I Love Hong Kong" promo. Every dish was well prepared and cooked by the chefs.

 Honey glazed chicken with deep fried ginger *recommended*

This dish is not included in the "I Love Hong Kong" promo. Anyway, you still can order as ala-carte. This dish is not included in the promo yet I still publish the photo here because this is the signature dish from the chef. The chicken was nice with the sauce which taste sweet, and the crunchy fried ginger was everyone's favorite in this dish! The aromatic of the ginger smell so good too. Don't forget to order this dish when you're having your meal at Zuan Yuan.

We kick start the meal with 2 appetizer.

1# Sea Conch with Cucumber in Wasabi Sauce - RM18 per portion
Although I dislike wasabi, but I still try out this dish. Surprisingly, the taste of the wasabi wasn't too strong and I just simply like it. The cucumber was refreshing and chrunchy.

2# Poached Bitter Cucumber “Sze Chuan” Style - RM12 per portion
Another refreshing and crunchy bitter cucumber dish which cooked in different method. You could just try out the bitter cucumber without the spicy "Sze Chuan" sauce and with the sauce. Both was taste different and the sauce wasn't too spicy too.

Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Dried Scallop and “Chong Cao Hua” - RM20 per person
Not to forget the soup that everyone will be craving. Soup was served hot in a claypot. The flavour of the soup was strong with the black chicken and scallop.

Braised Chicken with King Soya Sauce Served in Clay Pot - RM20 per 1/2 bird
This was one of the dish I like the most. Although it was a simple soya sauce chicken, but it taste really good and flavourful. I think everyone like it as well because all of us request a bowl of white rice.

Wok Fried Tiger Prawn with Special Sauce - RM28 per prawn *recommended*
The special sauce taste a bit buttery and spicy but the taste of the butter has cover over the smell and taste of the spiciness. Dipped the big fresh prawn with the creamy sauce, it definitely taste heavenly. 

Braised Cod Fish with Morel Mushroom - RM22 per portion
A simple dish yet not easy to cook. The gravy just simply go well with the cod fish.

Braised Bean Curd with Egg and Tomato Sauce - RM22 per portion
Bean curd has been always my favorite. Topped with the tomato sauce and eggs are just good.

Assorted Diced Sea Food with Crispy Rice in Lobster Soup - RM13 per person
*like like like!!* Sadly, some people don't like this dish because they don't like to have the rice inside the soup. It actually taste good! Give it a try. It is a lobster soup, the rice have absorbed the tastefulness of the lobster soup.

Black and White Sesame Glutinous Rice Cake - RM12 (4 pcs)
Not to miss out the dessert!

Layers of steam black and sesame glutinous rice layer cake. Simply and nice.

Mango and Avocado “Ying Yang” Style - RM12 per portion
Another yummy dessert at the end of our meal. This dessert was served in cold and you could mix everything together and taste it. What a satisfaction meal we had that night.

Chef Michael Chew

Thanks so much for preparing all the delicious foods. This promo is going on the whole month of October 2011. Visit Zuan Yuan to taste out the yummylicious Hong Kong style foods.

Zuan Yuan - One World Hotel
First Avenue
Bandar Utama City Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel : +603 7681 1111

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  1. I love HONG KONG too!! :P

    Sigh.. great food makes me drool...

  2. 啊!!!!我突然很想很想立刻到香港吃道地的香港美食了!等不及了啊!!>.<

  3. HK style food is good, especially their 糖水 really makes me drools... Yums!

  4. gosh how long since i get into ur blog? Love your new layout!

    And love the food here too! :D


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