Launch of Stepper Exclusive & Pantone Universe Eyewear@ Lavazza Cafe, Viva Home

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nowadays, eyewear stand an important role in our life. Everyone will be wearing a specs no matter you have sightseeing problem or nope. For example: sunglasses, specs with frame but without the glasses and many more. 

Beside that, there are so many different design and trendy glasses in the market, and also kinds of brand to choose from. Here is one of the company that produce glasses and most importantly, it is selling in Malaysia too - STEPPER.

Stepper (M) Sdn Bhd is an exclusive distributor of Stepper Eyewear in Malaysia & Singapore and Pantone Universe Eyewear in Malaysia. Currently, more than 500 major Optical Stores are selling Stepper Eyewear nationwide in Malaysia. 

Recently, STEPPER is introducing the latest range of Fashionable & stylish eyewear, Stepper Exclusive. Meanwhile, PANTONE Universe Eyewear announcing their conquest in offering a wide range of colourful & tasteful eyewear. So, what is all about Stepper and Pantone Eyewear?

Starting from a niche supplier in eyewear, STEPPER has created target group orientated brands with products focused on need states and lifestyle factors.

STEPPER EXCLUSIVE : Is one of the latest brand creations, with a simple target in mind: The best!

STEPPER EXCLUSIVE aims for those who seek for the “Exclusivity” sense of fashion as their eyewear; who are expecting the absolute best in their eyewear. At the same time, it is target to those who seek for sense of glamour, the best materials and superb craftsmanship.

Combine bold design with discreet colour features: Rhodium, Ruthenium, various Gold tones allowed. 

Mr. Hans Stepper who owned the Stepper & Pantone Eyewear.

Pantone Universe Eyewear: Freedom of Colors

PANTONE UNIVERSE is a collection of lifestyle products based on fashion colour trends for the consumer. Hence PANTONE UNIVERSE EYEWEAR is based on simple idea that brings unlimited colour variation to one’s face. It offers one frames that will consistently fulfil one ever changing preference toward colours. It just simply creates endless possibilities.

Pantone Universe Eyewear Design:
* Lives between the limits of
* Colour simplicity versus colour opulence,
* Minimalism versus generosity,
* Art-deco versus Postmodernism
* Elasticity versus gentle softness

Launching of the eyewear held at Lavazza Cafe, Viva Home.

Delicious fruits tart and other delicacy was served before the start and end of the launching.

Let's see who is coming for the eyewear launching.

Zoey Rahman

(from left to right) Local host - Owen Yap 叶剑峰 & actress - Alan Yun 袁锦伦

(from left to right) Yunn Ru's brother, Yunn Ru, Isacc Ong

Amber Chia

Owen Yap was the host for this event.

Mr. Hans Stepper was sharing his story about the eyewear and also the newly launch eyewear.

After the sharing session, every artists were given a gift.

Zoey Rahman and Amber Chia with Stepper & Pantone glasses.

Gorgeous Emily Lim 林佩琦 who trying on the glasses.

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