Autumn* Holiday

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

*Previously, I have name the title "Spring Holiday" and I just found out that I have made a mistake. It should be Autumn (although M'sia don't have 4 season) because it happened between month of August & September*

I have decided to move out from the comfort zone which I have been settled down for 3 years and 3 months. This is the time that I need to move on and look for something new and challenging. Resigned, take a break and now I have back to working life in a new environment. 

Wanna kepo (busybody)? I am actually graduated in Bachelor Industrial Design. Since I like graphics & web design a lot, so I have decided to work as a Web & Graphics Designer after graduated. After 3 years & 3 months, I have resigned and currently working at hotel line as an e-marketing executive. Some of my friends were surprise with my decision.

So, what is all about e-marketing? I will be responsible for social media, for example twitter, facebook, blogs and many more. This is actually quite a challenging one because I don't have any working experience in this field and I am not a business student too. But since I like to blog, meet new peoples and join some events, I think I can cope well in this position. My challenge and goal will be "promote the hotel to everyone including overseas market". 

Anyway, this is a "mixed" post where I will show very random pictures. Some pictures were taken by mobile thus the outcome was not that good. Who cares, as long as I love it :) Before the new job started, I have a break and here is the post that I compiled everything on what I had done on this spring break.

A farewell for me with few of my beloved colleagues that I really treasure. We had awesome dinner together at Movida, Sunway Giza. I started to miss the working moment with them. This was the first company I joined after graduated. All of us here are 80's :)

Attended friend's Raya Buffet night.

Fly all the way to Kuching, Sarawak for a short trip.

It has been awhile I didn't cam-whore already. *In the flight - by Air Asia*

Sarawak Kolo Noodle that you shouldn't miss out. This was the only kolo noodle we waited for 2 hours under the sunny and HOT weather!!!

There was an art exhibition by Lim Kok Wing institute was going on at The Spring Shopping Mall. This is one of my favourite pieces.

My first purchase in Kuching from Natural Republic. I didn't know that we have this shop at west Malaysia which located at Fahrenheit 88 too. The collagen eye mask, aloe vera mask and pimple gel is really nice to use. 

The famous Banane Taipei bag that almost every Taiwanese love it. I regretted to buy it because it was out of my expectations. p/s: I only bought one lar. The rest was belongs to my friend.

Hunan cuisine food review. Hunan was originally from China and all the dishes were spicy. I will blog separately about Hunan cuisine. Just stay tuned.

Another food review in One World Hotel, it was a review on Hong Kong foods with the theme I LOVE HONG KONG. *will blog separately too*

Since I have more free times during weekdays especially during day time, bf brought me to taste the famous pork in KL!!!  There are two different kinds of pork we tried - siew yoke and char siew.

This is the best Siew yoke u can found at pudu, the skin was really crispy and the meat was tender.
Address: 王美记 No30, Jalan Nyonya, Pudu 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Highly recommended char Siew @ toast & roast ss2. *入口即溶* which means it melts when you put into your mouth. The meat was really juicy and it just taste awesome!!!!

Beside food reviews, I have also get the chance to attend events which normally held on weekdays - noon time.

Stepper Exclusive & Patone Universe Eyewear Launching Event

Got the chance to meet many local celebrities.

Launching of Belle's Boutique which located at Bandar Puteri Puchong - oppostie Giant Hypermarket.

Attended earrings making class.

Neutrogena new products launching - together with the bloggers.

New range of Neutrogena products on Ageless and firming.

Before the new job started, back to Kuantan to gather with my family. *sisters love*

That's a short summary on how I spent my spring break. Stay tuned for all the separate post for food reviews, event etc. Till then..

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  1. All the best in your new career ya~

    All the food looks good, especially the char siew!

  2. Is that Rain? *LOVE*

    My dear, is Toast & Roast lah :P

  3. Nikel,
    YEAP YEAP! Went there for the 2nd time this year already. I wish could stay longer to try all the yummylicious foods there.

    Thanks dearie :) I dun like to eat chat siew but this one is exception!!! U have to try it when u come to KL, k.

    Choi Yen,
    Yes, is RAIN. I think he "dai yan" for this brand.

    Oppsss, Coz I copy paste the caption from fb. HAHA. THanks for the correction, it has been changed.

  4. Err... ermm.... Malaysia got spring one meh? Or should as Malaysia got season one meh?


    U bought the banane?

  5. 看来你这个月过得很充实!


  6. YT,
    I imagine Malaysia got Spring, cannot meh? :p Yala! Bought! Wanna sell it off..

    Sock Peng,
    确实很充实。下一次来KL,记得要尝一尝。 :)


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