MIGF 2011 - The Restaurant @ The Club, The Saujana

Monday, October 03, 2011

Malaysia Internationa Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2011 is here again this year. The Restaurant at The Club Saujana Resort was the first restaurant we reviewed.

The Restaurant is the name of the restaurant :)

The exquisite and elegant dining with intimate surroundings and total privacy.

Lovely & elegant dining set-up on the table. 
This is the private dining area for a maximum of 20 persons.

Beside the private dining area, there are also indoor and outdoor dining area which could fit up to 80 persons.

Outdoor area with an adjoining terrace and overlooking the garden.

There are 28 restaurants participated in this MIGF 2011 and The Restaurant is on the list too.

Every table was decorated and lighted up with an orange colour candle. *romantic*

Wide selection of wines and champagnes.

Before the dinner, some breads, and finger foods were served.

2 types of breads were served fresh from oven to all of us. It was warm and fluffy. Not to forget to add some butter to enhance the taste of the bread. Anyway, the bread was already good enough to eat it without the butter.

Soup that keep our tummy warm while waiting for the first course to be serve to us.

There were total 7 courses we gonna try later.

1st course
Marinated Salmon and Salmon Tartar with avocado
Home Dried Watermelon Carpaccio
Parmesan, Aged balsamic, extra virgin olive oil

Home Dried Watermelon Carpaccio
Parmesan and aged balsamic were presented together in this course.

For the Home Dried Watermelon Carpaccio, the chef have added some virgin olive oil on top of the home dried watermelon which gave a plus to the taste. The specialty of this appetizer was the watermelon, the taste was quite refreshing and a bit of crunchiness when you first put into the mouth. *thumb up*

2nd course
Lobster Bisque with Lobster Grissini
Clear Oxtail Consomme
with it's own Ravioli

3rd course
Crab Cannelloni
Lemon grass curry and ginger
Cinnamon and all spice poached saddle of venison
celeriac puree and braised celeriac

Crab Cannelloni with Lemon grass curry and ginger

It doesn't taste spicy at all. Crab meat was chopped finely and it wrapped with the cannelloni. Nothing much to describe, it just taste good and aromatic!

Veal Assiette
Braised veal, fillet of veal, veal wonton
Olive oil poached halibut
Coriander drizzle and spiced cream

Veal Assiette

Chef was brilliant and creative because the veal was presented in 3 way - braised veal, fillet of veal and veal wonton. The veal wonton taste almost the same with the fried wonton that we normally had. There were 2 pieces of veal in 2 different cooking method - grilled and braised.

Gravy was added on top of the veal and another one was pepper flakes. I prefer the one with the gravy! The tenderness of the veal is depends on which part of the veal that you have. Mine was a bit tough but my friend's one was tender and juicy.

Olive oil poached halibut
Coriander drizzle and spiced cream

Chocolates and Raspberries
Vacherin Ice Cream
Port wine plums

Vacherin Ice Cream with port wine plums

It taste a bit sour cos of the plums, but the sweetness of the ice cream have created a balance taste. It doesn't taste sour overall. You could just eat it this way or mix the ice-cream with the plums. Both creates a different taste. I would prefer to mix everything together :)

For the next dessert was Chocolates and Raspberries. Chef Alexander was truly a great chef, he added the ice cream on every plate of dessert by himself. Since the ice-cream will melt, so he added the ice cream after the dessert serve to us. 

Chocolates and Raspberries
Don't you feel overjoy when looking at this plate of colourful dessert? I AM!!!

The raspberries cake taste a bit sour but the fruits were sweet. For the chocolate, it have the bitter taste which I like it so much... I'm lovin' this plate of sweet tooth!

At the end of the meal, all of us were served with a cup of hot tea or coffee and my selection was coffee. All of us were really enjoyed the scrumptious meal with good accompany too.

Full Festival Menu (October 1-31)
RM440 per person with wine (5 courses)
RM380 per person with wine (4 courses)
RM280 per person with wine (3 courses)
*one glass of wine per course

RM220 per person without wine (5 courses)
RM190 per person without wine (4 courses)
RM140 per person without wine (3 courses)

Festival Offers 
10% discount on total bill for groups of 6-12 people.
10% discount on selected wine or champagne.
10% discount on beverage, mocktails and cocktails.

Chef Alexander Waschl
Having only been appointed Head Chef of The Restaurant 3 months ago, Austrian-born Chef Alexander has nevertheless already made a solid stamp on its menu. At only 30 years of age, Chef Alexander brings a fresh and exciting edge to his creations. He is definitely a chef to watch in the next few years as he makes his mark on the Malaysian fine-dining scene.

The Restaurant
The Club Saujana Resort
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
03-7806 7000 for festival reservations.

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  1. Always makan aje! Never bring me also :(

  2. Chocolates and Raspberries macum nice ngek

  3. i miss the Vacherin Ice Cream with Port Wine Plums!

  4. next time bring me also la~ hihih

  5. Dear YT,
    J, u come kl la! surely will bring u go makan! :p

    Dear Nikel,
    Not macam, the dessert is really nice!!! yumm!!~

    Dear missyblurkit,
    me too! but I prefer the chocolate and raspberries~ delicious & yummy..

    Dear 梦旅飞,
    HAHA!!! :D come come~

    Dear Valyn,
    Aiyo, this one cannot ta bao cos the taste will be different. You must try on the spot :)


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