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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I always told myself, "I must continue to blog my Europe trip (which happened on last 2 years +). If not, I won't go to Europe again!!!" Hahaaa.. Alright, I'm just kidding la but I always try my best to blog about my previous Europe trip. It was my first Europe trip and it gave me good & nice memory. Thus, I MUST blog! If you don't mind to read this super OLD post, then just continue :) Hope you enjoy the beautiful photos with less caption. hehe...

Back to year 2009....
Day 14 - 23.07.09 (Thursday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80 & €1 = RM4

After Trevi Fountain and Gelato, we're here. I forgot how we reach here, we just followed the map and we keep seeing one fountain after another fountain. Fountains are the things you wouldn't miss out in Rome.

Guess where is our next destination?

Another fountain at Piazza Della Rotonada.

I would name it as Pantheon Fountain because this fountain is placed right in front of the Pantheon.

Pantheon meaning "to every God".

Interior of the Pantheon 1#.

Interior of the Pantheon 2#.

I not sure if that day was a public holiday? Because it was crowded.

police? army? security guard?
3 of them were marching.

We leave Pantheon and moving forward to another Piazza. A glance of Piazza Navona. There were many artist was drawing and selling their artwork.

Fountain of the Rivers in the middle of Piazza Navona.

I studied about Fountain of the Rivers before. There are 4 statues on this fountain and each represents a specific character. Google to find out more if you are interested.

The couple (that's us) in front of the Fountain of the Rivers.

The weather was extremely hot! Fortunately, the water at the fountain was cold and chilling.

This is not a statues, there was a real people with this golden clothes on. I was afraid he/she will faint cos standing under the hot sun.

One last picture with the Fountain of the Rivers before we head off.

I was looking at the map and looking for our next destination.

One of the small fountain at the side of Piazza Navona.

We're leaving Piazza Navona.

Random shooting 1#.

Random shooting 2#.

We stopped to have our lunch before moving forward.

We ordered one set of "Menu Pizza", cost €14.50 and shared among us. From the set, we can choose our favourite pizza + choice of big salad or vegetables + grilled bread with tomato salad + and half liter water.

We ordered Pizza Diavola - tomato, mozzerella cheese and hot salami. Pizza at Rome is really yummy (no matter which flavour of pizza you order).

Big Salad - vegetables & cherry tomato. *my favourite*

After a contented lunch, we continue to walk again. It was a long way before we reach the next destination but we enjoyed it although the weather was killing us.

If you have miss out the previous post - Rome's travelogue, here's the link:

till then..

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  1. Ahem, u said no Europe until u finish the previous travelogue one right? Hahaha. Italy is beautiful, one day I shall go... when I earn enough (or when YM is richer LOL).

  2. its never too late to blog about it. love the pics. more post to come from your europe trip right?

  3. Dear Nikel,
    Thanks :)

    Dear YT,
    I kidding, cannot meh??? Btw, by saying so, then only I will speed up to finish my "2-years-ago" Europe travelogue ma. hehe!

    Dear MissyBlurKit,
    Thanks dearie :) Hope you enjoy reading it.. Yes, there are few more post. hehe :D

  4. U must finish ur last Europe trip post before ur next trip, haha, a never ending posts huh!

  5. Dear Choi Yen,
    Yalo!!! Too many things have to blog especially FOODS.. Gonna speed up now. Vrooommmm...

  6. hahhahaha, 那你要加油blog你的欧洲,要不然没得去,看你怕吗?呵呵。Blog多点,欧洲游记我最爱了!

    我没去到Pantheon,希望有下一次的意大利游 >.<

  7. Dear 珊姑娘,

  8. ahahah, nice pictures yvonne. tell me about procrastinating, i haven't even edit the pictures i took 3 years ago!

  9. I went to Rome last October and I haven't even write about it yet. You inspired me to do so after my Disney posts. Don't love you just love walking in the city center and enjoy all the beautiful arts?

  10. Dear Keropok Face,
    Hehe. Thanks gal~!

    Dear Sarah,
    Faster!! I can't wait to read your travelogue again! :)

    Yes, it is truly lovely walking in the city with all the beautiful surroundings.

  11. Hi,

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