The Polka Dots' Date @ Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Friday, October 07, 2011

Girls outing is always fun and lovely!

I knew YT for quite some time and we have built up a very good and close friendship. She's such a darling of mine. Whenever she come to KL, we will try to grab the chance to meet up. Back to May... *oppsiee, sorry for the super late update!! Time Flies!! :p*

Before YT come to KL, she "begged" me to bring her to Levain. This was my "x" time here in Levain. No doubt! Levain does provide quality foods and the environment is really cozy and comfortable.

European style deco and design.

Lovely interior that I really likey!~

It was really crowded that day because it was public holiday on Monday to replace the Labour Day that fallen on Sunday. Long queue, luckily we managed to get a table upstairs *thanks for YT's friend who reached there early*.

Second floor.

Since I have blog this place previously, so I just keep the story short.

There were 7 of us, we ordered and shared the foods together. How sweet!

p/s: I have totally forgotten the name & price of the foods we ate. Anyway, I tried to recall back by referring to YT's blog post :) *Thanks J*

Mango Custard Pie
The sweetness of the mango custard was at the right amount. Like it! and definitely recommend this pie to you.

Strawberry Pie

If I am not mistaken, it was a peach pastry.

Caramel walnut pastry
Crunchy walnut and the bread was fluffy.

Blueberry pastry
By looking at the layers of skin, it was definitely crispy.

HAHA! YT was right! Don't judge this bun by its look. Chicken and mushroom was the filling and it taste good!

Chocolate Bun
This is one of the top selling and popular chocolate bun. Actually, nothing special for this bun and I really don't know why it is so popular.

You couldn't miss out the pizza when you come to Levain. Their pizza is really awesome! This is mushroom pizza with ikan bilis. Crunchy!

Highly recommended by me! Tuna pizza which taste super good!

We ordered tomato soup instead of the mushroom soup. Unfortunately, the taste does not pleased us. This was the only BIG SIGH among all the others.

Chicken Bolognese Pasta
Pasta is only available after breakfast session. Be there after 11am to enjoy it.

Whore pasta

Seafood pasta

Overall, the pasta(s) were great and definitely worth to try out.

Lovely..... macaronS! LOL!

I didn't try out their macarons before and this time, we have the chance to try out 10 different flavors of colourful macarons. 

mMmmmm.. yum yum. The macarons were great despite the over-sweet taste.

There were happily talking about the iphone.. jailbreak etc etc.

Our polka dots' date! Both of us were wearing polka dots outfits.

Love love..

Guess what? We are going to meet again this Saturday!!!!!! and we gonna enjoy the high-tea session together! Wee~~ Can't wait!

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  1. I guess you "FINALLY" blogged bout this cos u know we are meeting up tomorrow. Haha...

    *Ahem* Did I beg u? I think I "forced" you more than I beg :P Anyway, yay, I miss u a lot too *muacks*

  2. Dear YT,
    HAHAHAAA!!! J, you are SMART!!! Time flies!! I didn't realize our last meet up was half year ago! LOL.

    See ya tmr! Please remember that you promised to give me a BIG hug tomorrow :)

  3. Very beautiful coffee shop and nice food!
    Your blog new layout is great, it's very special design!

  4. hahahhaa, i tot u r posting hi-tea @ Delicious...but Levain @@ OMG X_X
    hahaha. anyway, nice gathering =)

  5. so, our high-tea post will be out in next year?? kia kia...fighting!

  6. Dear Rafael,
    Thanks :) This design template was taken from blogger design.

    Dear 珊姑娘,
    HAHA!!! SO SO SO paiseh!!! I must post up before we meet up at Delicious ma~ Just like wat YT commented. XD

    Dear Zihang,
    HAHA! erm... next year??? I afraid YES! LOL! I will try my best to post it soon :) Eh zihang, I just realized your hairstyle is different now :p Your current hairstyle is nicer.. :)


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