Vatican City @ Rome, Italy

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's continue and complete the final post of Rome's travelogue (Yes! like.. FINALLY!). After visit the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, we're heading to next destination.

Day 14 - 23.07.09 (Thursday)
p/s: currency exchange rate at July 2009, £1 = RM5.80 & €1 = RM4

The next stop - Vatican City! I heard a lot of story about Vatican City, some says it is the smallest country in the world. But, from my research in wiki, Vatican City is  world's smallest state. Anyway, let's forget about the geography and move on. There are more photos to share..

Traffic in Rome.

If you have read my previous Rome's post, I have mentioned the weather at Rome was really killing. Moreover, we need to walk quite a distance to Vatican City. Anyway, we slow down our foot steps and enjoy the beauty of Rome.

Statues are EVERYWHERE!

EVERYWHERE!!! That's the identity of Rome/Italy.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Tied a big hair bun.

Save to drink. The water was refreshing and chilling.

We were here, finally.

You shouldn't and wouldn't miss out this when you visit Vatican City - St. Peter's Square. The building is huge and this is the first building you will see when you step into Vatican. 

Side's of St. Peter's Square 1#.

Side's of St. Peter's Square 2#.

We wanted to visit St. Peter's Basilica. Unfortunately, it was closed. So, we just hang around and took some photos.

After that, we back to the city centre of Rome and heading back to B&B.

HUGE watermelon!!

It was the second and also last night at Rome, we craving for pizza and spaghetti again!!!! We randomly choose a restaurant and have our dinner. This is the restaurant we picked - Ristorante il Rifugio del Buttero.

The foods were delicious and I don't need to describe more.

Ristorante il Rifugio del Buttero
Via Calabria, 27, 00187 Rome, Italy
06 42016148

1# Interior.

2# Interior.

Pizza with some meat slice on top.

Spaghetti 1#.

Spaghetti 2#. 
It was cooked with the smash broccoli. It was great and suitable for the vegetarians.

Dessert - tiramisu.
Nothing much to complain about because it just tastes so good.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Day 15 - 24.07.09 (Friday)
It was an early flight back to London. We woke up at 3am/4am and headed to the airport. The airport was still closing and all the guests have to wait and sit outside. I barely remember that I was so exhausted and can't sleep at all. They don't even have a chair outside the airport :(

It was a 3 hours journey back to London from Rome.


The weather in Rome and London was totally different! I still able to walk with a piece of dress with scarf on. But, after few hours, I was freeziiiiiiing...

End of my Rome's travelogue which means my Europe trip has almost come to the end. Next travelogue, I will share the days I spent in London before back to Malaysia. Stay Tuned.

If you have miss out the previous post - Rome's travelogue, here's the link:

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  1. tiramisu and pasta in Italy ~ definitely awesome!

  2. Italian food is really highly recommended by many, mmm... I want to go too!!!

    But right now all I can is sit quietly at home... wait until I have money first... Rome and Vatican City MUST wait for me!!!

  3. Dear Missyblurkit,
    DEFINITELY!!!! You must try it when you travel to Italy. yum yum..

    Dear YT,
    J, no need wait to have money first. Go n BOOK flight tix now! Then you will save $$. heheheee

    Dear Nikel,
    HEHE!! End soon!! real soon... one or 2 more post to go.. :p

  4. U really have good memory, still can remember what u had did a few years back :)

  5. Dear 妮卡·茉,
    HELLO dear~ Surprise to read ur comment :)

    Dear Choi Yen,
    HEHE. Yeap yeap! I still remember cos these were memorable trip to me.

  6. You're so lucky girl, It was raining so hard the day I visit Vatican. And standing outside for an hr and half in the rain was so not fun. Glad you had better experience then mine :)

  7. Dear Sarah,
    Thanks dearie :)

    ouchh, that's a pain experience. Hope you're still having fun too.!~


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