Hunan Cuisine @ Restoran Yue Yang Lou (岳阳楼湘菜馆), Sunway Mentari

Monday, November 07, 2011

Restoran Yue Yang Lou is a restaurant that serves Hunan Cuisine (湖南菜) which also knows as Xiang Cuisine (湘菜). Honestly, I never think to try Hunan Cuisine before although I love to eat spicy foods so much. Anyway, this tasting sessions has given me a chance to taste Hunan Cuisine and do you know that, they have few selections of dessert as well? 

This was part of the Hunan dishes we had that night. Every dishes you saw is SPICY. This is because Hunan Cuisine is well known for its spicy flavour. Some people might misunderstood that Hunan Cuisine is SiChuan Cuisine (四川菜). No, it is different. *Google for more info :)*

Don't worry if you can't eat spicy foods, you can request the level of the spiciness for each dishes. For all the dishes we try, the spiciness is at the original level.

Yue Yang (岳阳) is a place in China thus the name of this restaurant. Simple and direct!

Our dinner kick start with 4 types of appetizer.
Spicy seaweed salad
Spicy bean curd sheets
Pickled spicy pig ear
Pickled spicy cucumber

Spicy seaweed salad and pickled spicy cucumber is my favourite because it taste refreshing and most importantly - spicy! Both appetizers are crunchy too, and also the spicy bean curd sheets.

Steamed rice, I heard that chef steam the rice bowl by bowl. Unlike we cook our rice at home which is using the rice cooker. It create another type of aromatic for the rice.

Stir Fried Beijing Cabbage in hot plate
Simple yet delicious.

Stir Fried Salted Cabbage with Green Bean Potato Starch Sheet

Hunan Local Style Sizzling Skewered Ostrich Meat
Ostrich meat was presented like the satay we had - "stick by stick".

I would highly recommended this! Tender ostrich meat and with lots of onions, chillies, garlic, shallots on top. The taste of the ostrich meat was good and I personally think that the ostrich meat is not spicy at all :)

Uncle Mao’s Special Braised Pork

Woot!! Look at the thickness of the pork. It looks juicy, INDEED!

Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Soft Knee Bone
Dry chillies was used to prepare this dish, thus it doesn't taste too spicy after all. 

Claypot Supreme ‘Water Fish’ Soup with Chinese Herbs
It is a healthy soup with all kinds of ingredients in cooking this Chinese herbs soup.

Hot Spicy Fresh Frog in Stone Sizzling Hunan Style

Hot Spicy Steamed Fish Head in Hunan Specialty
Another highlight that night and highly recommended. Son of this shop owner told us that his father would just come to the shop and order this fish ONLY with a bowl of steamed rice. So, imagine the deliciousness of this dish.

A bowl of noodle was given and pour into the soup. 

That's another way to enjoy this dish. Thumb up to the chef.

Steamed Fresh Concubine Fish

Steamed fish with lotsa scallion. The level of the spiciness will be lower if you have the fish together with the scallion. Nice dish!

Our dinner wasn't end by tasting all the above spicy dishes only. Do you know that there are also so-called desserts to end our scrumptious meal? We have the opportunity to try 3 types of desserts.

Golden Bun or knows as Man Tou (馒头)
The outer was crunchy and warm & fluffy inside. Try it with the sweet sauce given.

Deep Fried Bee Hive with Corn

I found out this dessert is quite interesting. It looks like a bee hive from near.

Corns were hiding beneath. It was a crunchy and sweet dessert with the sweet sauce given.

Homemade Potato Pancake
nooomm nooomm.. do I need to explain more? It just simply taste delicious!

Thanks to Adrian to host us that night. It was truly a Hunan dinner we had and the experience were pretty good! Try out especially to those who love to eat spicy foods! It will never fails you.

Restoran Yue Yang Lou
No 23A Jalan PJS 8/17,
Dataran Mentari Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 5622 2129

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  1. I just had some spicy food today too.. Tripes. But your looks more spicier. Great pictures.

  2. i love spicy food...i supposed hunan food will go well with my taste buds.

    the steam fish head looks good and very appetizing. i think i am tempted to just order that with a bowl of steamed rice like the owner's dad too. hehehe

  3. ostrich?! wow! yeah looks really spicy!

  4. Hunan Food is like scechuan food.. I can see mostly the food is spicy one.. Hope you enjoy this..but not my taste.. keke

  5. Eww... u ate frogs... Frogs are scary!!! Ewww~~~

    But I do like spicy food... just not spicy frogs. Frogs are scary (I know i m repeating myself) but frogs ARE really scary.

  6. Dear Sarah,
    Thanks! I personally think that spicy foods at western country is not as spicy as in Asian one. Maybe you should try these one day :)

    Dear MissyBlurKit,
    Wee wee!~~ Steamed fish taste really good. You have to order this if you visit them k.

    Dear Henry,
    YEAP! OSTRICH! All the dishes look spicy cos there were many chillies on top and the gravy looks red as well but it really delicious. Go n try it!

    Dear Nikel,
    Hunan food & siChuan food is different. SiChuan is more to mala.

    Dear YT,
    Ishh.. U dun need to mention so many times lor.

  7. I love Hunan foods, I love the desserts too! :)


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