Wednesday, November 09, 2011

This is my first ever post on beauty product review *sponsored*. How many ladies out there is using blusher? Blusher will enhance the beauty of our face and it also keep us look more cheerful.

Lancôme has come out with a new series of Blush Subtil Rose blusher. The differences between the ordinary blushes in the market and this newly blusher - Blush Subtil Rose is a multi-color powder blusher. It has a 4 blomming colours instantly highlight, contours and add randiance to the cheeks. Sounds cool right?

It comes with a black packaging with a golden flower on it. Simple yet elegant. 

There are 4 types of colours for this Blush Subtil Rose.

10 Rose Rose
Cool harmony of pinks give instant flush in facce. Swirl the brush and find your best rosy tone: it is controllable from sheer, natural look to intense makeup.

20 Rose Corail
A warm coral-pink harmony well melts into Asian skin and naturally warms up the complixion with radiance. From cute & natural to sophisticated look.

30 Rose Melba
A healthy glow can easily be made with a sweep of peach harmony. Instantly lights up your face with lively, cute and natural look.

40 Rose Rouge
A rosy red and bronze powders come in one palette. Light bronzing powder provides sleek, sculpted cheekbones. Simply brush over cheekbones - rosy red on top, bronzer on bottom for dimensional face line with warm glow.

This is 30 Rose Melba that I gonna try later. It designed to be worn alone or latered together. Anyway, later I will apply all the colour together to create a natural warmth to the face and also gently add dimensions to the complexion.

Brush is attach together in the packaging and it is soft.

These are the steps to apply blush subtil rose.

 Let's begin.

Applying the first colour on the center of the cheeks and follow by the second and third colour. For the forth colour, it wasn't apply to the cheek! It is apply on the external corner of the brow bone to open the eyes.

Here's the 1,2,3,4 colour I applied step-by-step.

 Ta.. da... DONE!
See my pinky cheek?

 Here's the before and after - right and left side of my face.
BEFORE blush subtil rose: My face look pale.
AFTER blush subtil rose: I look more cheerful, isn't it?

30 Rose Melba looks good on me and I simply love it. Yippie!! There's another collection on my make up desk.

Hope you will *like* my review. A self-shot syok sendiri picture to end this post :)

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  1. LIKE ur review? I LOVE it babe! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! :)

  2. u make me wanna buy this so much!
    how much would this cost?
    my blusher.....jz finished hahaha

  3. you look good with the blusher! never knew that the brush that comes with the blusher is useful. i've always use a separate brush. thanx for i can put the original brush to good use. thanx again!

  4. Dear Merryn,
    Thanks thanks thanks!!

    Dear Bell,
    I not sure about the price leh. Maybe u can check it at the Lancome counter.

    Dear MissyBlurKit,
    Thanks :) Yes, the brush is soft and nice to use..~


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